Sunday, February 7, 2010

When cat boys go to work...

they set out together at first.

But in no time Ollie wonders if he really should go in such a hurry.

Perhaps not, he thinks...and so he lays down to look around! Is there any bird around to feast my eyes on, he thinks.

August, on the other hand, does not waste too much time,

and gets to his desk muy temprano o en bonne heure. He does customer service work!

The weekend was muy ocupado and there was little time to read, reflect, and meditate we all winked at each other meaning that we will do it next time.

Cat boys wish all a great Monday (whether you decide to show up on time or to take a little side excursion on your way to office) and blow little kisses into the air with their little paws!


Cat boys wish you


  1. sounds busy! Have a great week! xx

  2. Ah, I missed you and your cat boys!!!! :)


  3. I would sooo love to see and receive those air kisses!
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. The average white brothers enjoyed this episode , as they love to pretend they are in such a hurry all the time, then poof , they are asleep with barely 5 min between thoughts , hope you have have a nice week. xx

  5. Did you say they are asleep within 5 minutes between thoughts- it sounds like me! : )

    I hope everyone is having a lovely week!


  6. And some especially for you Alicia! Mwahh Mwahh!