Sunday, September 26, 2010

Air plants and cats...

First off before we forget, here are some air plants that we purchased from kara of to hold! We found an unused jar/vase and some random Indian beads, et viola, we have a plant that we won't be able to ruin (we think)! It mostly needs air and very little else!

We are concerned about the heat and wondering what to do, what to do, Gus and I ???

Naturally Ollie is going to clown around, we can see it in his eyes
He says 'give me a kiss on my lips mommie'. Oh that little cat boy!
He said that he was knocked off his feet because he had the vapors!!!
He gives me the come-and-play-with-me look!
Well, for the most part that is all we do, play, work, work, play, and reading in between:

A superficial culture, unsupported by a cultivated morality, is as "a confused medley of dreams,"and external lustre without inner perfection is "like a vapor in the desert which the thirsty dreameth to be water."

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend because cat boys did blow pawfuls of their kisses in the air for you! See you soon!



  1. Neat plants, Mona! Hope you have a great week! xx

  2. I love that quote. I can see your kitties are enjoying themselves.

  3. If are plants are anything like succulents I think I too shall get some, I love how prolific I am around these little green guys:)

    p.s. He's a charmer, love!

  4. Cat belly=I will now let you bestow the appropriate adoration on me.

    It was even warm (but still enjoyable) in Venice today! Hope it cools on your side of town...

  5. Anne-those plants are really neat but I have to make sure not to touch my face after I soak them. I hope you have a great week too, will be visiting

    Susan-the boys were not thrilled with the heat but managed to still have fun. Have a great week!

    Michaela- I have to read about them, they are probably related to cactus. We too only do well with succulents! Have a great week!

    Hannah- you are in Venice? It was 107 here and today is supposed to be worse. Ollie may come visit you.

    See you all soon dear friends....xoxo

  6. You have such a wonderful eye. Really. Have you studied photography?
    Okay, now to *my*gorgeous boy, UNBELIEVABLE. I am in love. If he ever goes missing you will know where he is.;-)
    Happy Monday, lovely you!xoxo

  7. LBR- what a compliment, I think you are biased by the subject. I did study photography as in huge camera (newsprint size)/color and etc. but not composition, and my shots are all lucky shots, any that turn alright, because I am always chasing the, you have me encouraged to study furry boyfriend sends you love and hopes to visit soon.


  8. 1. Air plants are so one of my new obsessions! They're so alien and wandery (not a word), I keep buying them from a guy at my farmer's market (he's getting used to it: it takes me 30 minutes to carefully examine each one, ask him questions, hold them up to the light, then finally make my $4 purchase)

    2. That Ollie, I think he COULD give Thai a run for his money in the ham department!

  9. :)
    Love to see you {your prettily shod feet} featured with your lovely boys!
    I have an air plant and it disappeared one day...It was stuck to Drookes tail!
    Miss you!

  10. I had to laugh- I can imagine how hysterically funny it is to see Drooke with an air plant stuck on him Hee hee...lovely to see you.

    Oh Kelly, Ollie is a ham alright! At least in size : ) I am laughing so hard as I write this. As far as the air plants go, I would do the same, examine each...I separated the biggest in the pile from the cute ones because it made my face itch xoxo