Monday, June 6, 2011

Seriously, this was this morning!

The night before, that would be Sunday night, the air was so drenched with moisture that it spritzed water but it did not rain. This morning seemed to me more of the same but when Ollie came and dragged me out I suddenly fell in love with the sun that shone on the trees.
We had to go to our little back yard and play, Ollie dropped himself to the ground and swatted the stick that I used to poke him with.
Augustus was already in his vista awaiting the arrival of birds. He had other plans this morning and he let me know about them with a silent no bird would hear.
Lurking, lurking...
Ollie had to come and take a look, and I know this look. It says 'I have grand ideas and trying to think of strategies to execute them'.
I took advantage of the moment of intense focus and took a snap shot of his luscious lips so you would see again those sugar-shedding lips that send you kisses.
I could not compete with the birds and the bees and so had to form a thought in my head...I thought of this, and how I could be it.

"Let your vision be world-embracing rather than confined to your own self..." (Gleanings)

As I parted with the boys they yelled out that they would be sending kisses throughout the day for their friends.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Oh, you know it lovely Dove! xoxo

  2. Haven't seen the cat boys in a while, so I stopped by to say hello :) They're looking well!

  3. Alice-we were thinking about you just this morning...we miss you xoxo

  4. Lovely sun and kitties. Is it horribly hot right now? It has been rather humid in Ohio--we are running the A/C so we don't have melted kitties!

  5. Hannah- it is not hot at all, only lovely sun altho it seems a week or two ago it was hot...this year temps are fluctuating a lot and the kitties are confused : )- we don't like melted kitties too, see you tomorrow I hope x

  6. seriously: i don't know if i'm more like ollie, wanting to drop and roll onto my back, watching life pass me by....
    more like augustus, hiding in the shadows, watching life pass me by.
    [i must have cat tendencies: i want to watch life pass me by....but hardly ever do i just stop and let it be that way....]

    HAHha: a brief but very appropriate reading for this post!


  7. That last shot of Oliie is adorable. I'm hoping he's up on a wall and you aren't laying on the sidewalk.


  8. pencilfox- i can relate to both positions easily, another favorite is behind a large window with gentle sun filtering day we will all get together and purr..xoxo

    Ro-He was on a wall and i was sitting on the was great to meet you dear friend xoxo

  9. I am so glad the sun came out for you and your boys.

    That picture of Augustus lurking is my favorite one today.