Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Believe it or not

we each had a different thought on our minds, that faithful afternoon in late September.

I was thinking about what made people do great things, choose the untrodden path with such certitude, I really felt a longing to know.

My feline companions also had their own concerns.

Augustus, known in philosophical circles as Mr Sweet Pants, wanted to know about the change of seasons and the rotation of celestial spheres.
Ollie, who is known amongst his investigator friends as Mr Puffy Pants, was investigating odor particles that were clinging to the leaves. Please make note of his gorgeous ears-pointed back,
and now front,
and now look at that heart-melting head tilt!

Most thoughts left my mind at this point in time I was so into these dudes, transported into their world.
I noticed then that SweetPants gave the motion to read something because he was about to make those kisses.
And so I read to them this from the mystic work, Seven Valleys:

"Every semblance, every shape that perisheth today
In the treasure-house of Time is safely stored away.
When the world revolveth to its former place,
Out of the invisible He draweth forth its face."

They approved of the reading.
Mr Sweet Pants eagerly proceeded to make those kisses to send your way
and the two of them sent their best wishes for a happy last week in September.
Ciao everyone!


  1. I love them both in the planter, cuddling with the tree. So adorable!!

    Hope all is going well for you this week! xo

  2. what a wonderful poetic reading.

    and the boys: poetic in and of themselves!

    kisses back!


  3. Oh gosh I love their *nest and the picture of stretch biting his nails as the date ticks onward.

    I need to re read


  4. Hannah-ahem, they cuddle sometimes and pounce in between..
    It is a slow week but thanks to you and your poetry it is all lovely. : )

    marie- caught your kisses xoxo

    Ro- xoxo

  5. For the record, you're a fantastic cat photographer.

    And I will spend the afternoon in my studio thinking about this thought of yours: "I was thinking about what made people do great things, choose the untrodden path with such certitude, I really felt a longing to know."

    Bless you, sweets.

  6. J- coming from you, this is like getting A in a class... and I really was thinking that thought...tell me if you find an answer xoxo

  7. Oh my goodness, I am just overwhelmed by the feeling of sucking face. These cats are so cute. And the names, I love them. :)

  8. Yes, ears pinned back, front, head tilts, I love all of the movements kitties make. xoxo

  9. Laila- now you see why I am a slave...they slay me with their looks!

    Susan- Ollie with pointed ears looks like the logo for the FTD florist...I need to ask him if he wants to be a flower delivery cat boy xx

  10. aww, I do like your comments, makes me laugh! BTW, thanks for joining my FB page but it seems I hadn't been very clear about the giveaway being international, so if you'd like to enter, I'd be happy to put your name in the draw! :)

  11. yes, please someone, kitty boys, answer Mama's query...what does make some choose the untrodden path with such certitude?.....

    I personally think that those folks kinda can't help themselves...like its in their DNA.....but she is a scientist, she would know.....

  12. nancy- I entered xoxo

    kerin- I think you are partly correct but sometimes I am not satisfied with that answer... the kitties told me to be brave and work hard ! xoxo