Friday, November 4, 2011

This was two days ago....

When I saw this expression on Mr Puffy Pants I knew that certain delights were around us....
When I noticed that Mr Sweet Pants went into his customer service cubicle, I was pretty sure that my hunches were correct. He was camouflaging.
This is the first time that a bird with yellow marks has agreed to visit this bush, we three were so thrilled.
On the other hand, these plump and chirpy bushtits visit regularly, and are particularly delightful to our ears.
Ollie was in love....

We then discussed some themes....physical and spiritual worlds...that I had heard about in a talk the night before.

That the spiritual power of the mineral was called 'cohesion', which to us that spiritual power is known as 'love'.
The spiritual power of plants was 'cohesion' and 'growth', meaning that through their lives, their spiritual goal is to grow.
In animal, this spiritual power is present in 'sensations' in addition to 'cohesion' and 'growth'.
In humans it is 'cohesion', 'growth', 'sensation' and 'mental faculties, power of imagination and creativity', 'love'.

The cat boys then wanted to know more...what else was there, and so Ollie suggested the principle of transcendence, the urge to be higher than what you were born as.

We discussed that in minerals transcendence resulted in crystals, in plants, the ability to turn their heads toward the sun or to close and open certain organs, in animals, the ability to develop personalities, and in humans it was aspiring to the next state of existence, which was also known as the spirit of faith....

When I noticed the boys hiding in the bushes I was pretty sure that I may have lost them during transcendence?!

Much to my surprise though that same night Ollie put a mouse toy on his head to demonstrate transcendence!!!
Augustus did not have time for shenanigans and curled up
only after making kisses and blowing them in the air with his best wishes for your first week of November.

Ciao everyone!


  1. I do love seeing your kitties. They have such personalities. Cats are obsessed with bird watching. Doesn't Shenanigans sound like a cool name for a cat? :)

  2. Thank you Laila...they are obsessed, I think their little hearts go pitter patter...and Shenanigans would be a good name but can you imagine owning Shenanigans...o trouble! : ) Have a great weekend!

  3. I missed you and the crew the last couple of days. That first photo of Ollie is to die for. It's like he's just in love with life. I am reading this from work and literally laughed out loud, [then quickly covered my mouth to avoid curious eyes] at Ollie's illustration of transcendence. I love that customer service cubicle. Too darn cute!! Would it be too presumptuous to ask you to give the boys a kiss from "An Admirer"?

  4. Thank you made our day...and these boys accept kisses gladly. They love gorgeous kind admirers! : )

  5. Those Wise Cats!

    the principle of transcendence, the urge to be higher than what you were born as.

    I love this message and shall try and keep it in mind for the coming week

    Helen xx

  6. "in animals, this spiritual power is present in 'sensations' in addition to 'cohesion' and 'growth'."

    I don't believe that love can only be used in connection with human beings. Lots of human beings don't go even as far as to grasp the concept of love.

    I can tell you, and I know you will understand, that my cat Henry was my best friend when I was sad and lonely inside (and when I was happy, too) I saw love (pure love) in his eyes, when he looked at me.

    When Henry was about to leave us,he dragged his whole body and came looking for me(I had left him for a few minutes) as he needed my love. I went down on the floor, next to him, put my arms round his little body. He looked at me and only then he let go and died.

    I can still feel his love and I sometimes "see" a little shadow running across my living room floor. And I know it's him.

    Henry is buried in my garden. A pink rose bush grows above him. The rose is beautiful and fragrant and still in flower.

    Henry looked like a cross between your two cats: a very big long haired brown tabby. I know he still loves me!

    Your cats are beautiful!


  7. Your cats Augustus and Ollie sound absolutely "purry". They look adorable. Its nice to see the cats and how you tell stories about them. look forward to more
    have a weekend all together.

  8. HAHha! funny sweet photos of the boys.

    wow: deep reading. meaningful translation.

    your posts always speak loudly to me.


  9. Oh my, the look on Ollie´s face in picture 1. He looks s o satisfied.
    I notice, that the fur is growing back, great.
    Kisses for both boys.

  10. helen- wise they are and I too have to remember transcendence every day xx

    O Anna- sorry about Henry! I think the love that is referred to is that love that only people like messengers of God can have for people, the most sublime type that I don't believe we can even grasp. I do believe as you said that our pets love us and understand us... I know with Augustus and Ollie, they always know if I am sad and they try to comfort me...they are compassionate and full of love. They are bundles of love for sure...xx

    valerie- thank you for your visit, the purry boys love new friends...I am their paparrazi! wishing you a great new week : )

    fox- thank you dear friend- we send you love and kisses

    Mette-thank you...Ollie is getting a peach fuzz and sends you hugs and kisses xx