Friday, December 9, 2011

Last night...

we decided to check the cat boys' wardrobe. We would not want them to not be ready for Christmas. So I searched through their belongings and found a few things that will be shown below.

Ollie wearing his festive work bow tie, he does not like the long ties that get in the way of his running.
Augustus prefers to wear a red plaid one though at this time he is very tired.
He also wanted to pose with his cape that miss dove made for him a year or two ago.
He looks so good in the cape that I must make him another, maybe one in blue like this from Carolina of LateNightDrawing.
He sent you kisses and went for a snooze.
Upstairs in his own quarters Ollie had fallen on his back, plumb exhausted. He did not even have the energy to round up his toys!!!

Look at his tired legs.
And ahhhh those arms!

I have to admit that the busy busy days have gotten not the best of me but some of me.... and so I skipped the reading. Instead I had the boys listen to this.

Wishing all a great weekend with many cat kisses!



  1. They look so formal. I love it.
    A great weekend to you too.


  2. DECK the boys with capes & ollie...FaLaLaLaLa!
    sooo cheerful!

  3. I love the "James Bond" Look! Very smart and ready for a feline night out... if they wake up!


  4. HAHha!
    visiting you and the boys ALWAYS brings me great joy....

  5. Oh Ollie, he looks s o great!
    Hah, I can imagine Augustus " flying " with the blue cape..
    And I wish I could stretch like your pussies, with the music turned to the minimum volume.

  6. The bow ties! I love those...

    So there are two kitties living in our parking garage, and my husband and I are so worried about them because of the cold. They are very scared of us and bolt whenever we approach, so we have to earn their trust with food, I think. We hadn't seen them for a few weeks, so I was concerned, but we just saw them yesterday as they darted past us!

  7. They look both so wonderful - ready for Xmas!!!

    So cute!

    ♥ Franka

  8. Oooo...
    Those handsome boys!

    How are you Mona?

  9. Susan- I should see them when they run around wearing them...I cannot stop laughing : ) xx

    Helen- They do look formal, they could go to college with it. : ) xx

    Nancy, O Nancy...we love you

    Anna- the James Bond look, you are giving me ideas, maybe they need a tux xx

    Dove- I will be using your design in Christmas fabric xx

    marie- I am happy to hear that because that is their main profession xx

    Mette- I too wish I could stretch like those pussies and sometimes we practice together xx

    Hannah- I think setting food out will attract them and gradually win them over....then you can ask them to wear bow ties too xx

    Franka- thank you for your visit...they are getting ready little by little

    AnDee- you are a site for sore eyes...great to see may take my card two months to reach you but believe me that we sent it xx

  10. Oh I want to kiss those cute faces! They look so dashing with their bow ties :)

  11. oh those bow ties! And those hairy feet! Who'd've thought hairy toes could look that adorable! ;)

  12. Oh,Ialmost forgot - welcome back! :)
    We've missed your picture adventures.