Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What does beautiful mean?

While Mr Puffy Pants was absorbed in examining the scent of each blade of grass
Mr Sweet Pants had other business to take care of. That business was walking in the bushes and that bothered Gus.
Finally, some time later, Ollie noticed that his brother was engaged in a more interesting activity,
and so he hopped up on the narrow fence to check things out
meanwhile remembering to look back at me with the glance that said 'I am only here
to sniff the leaves, not to meddle in Gus' games!' Yeah, right! Exactly what I thought!
Squirrel wanted to know what was up with the cat boys.
I just focused on the furry beasts and saw nothing but beautiful forms.
Here's one.
Here are two.
And here is another one.
The modern Persian Poet was asked what beautiful meant to him and he said that beautiful meant a loving interpretation of forms.

We three decided to meditate on that thought.

The cat boys had plenty of kisses to make (seeing that they were off so many days), and so they did and blew them in the air for you.

Wishing all a happy Tuesday...Ciao everyone!


  1. Hello Mona

    Augustus and Ollie are beautiful in all their forms. Thank you for this message and I shall blow kisses back and contemplate
    "a loving interpretation of forms"

    Helen xx.

  2. Those beautiful boys... sending love from our family to yours!


  3. the boys know *something* and they may or may not share with us what they have determined....
    but i have a feeling the squirrel knows....

  4. I know beauty when I see it......
    those luxurious felines!

    xoxox Ro

  5. dear helen- the cat boys send you extra special kisses, what a compliment...xx

    allison- sending love right back at your family...beautiful in and out you are indeed xx

    marie marie- I agree with you xx

    Ro-smooches to you : )

  6. These are extra-sweet pictures. You are a pro in photographing, sigh.
    Just look at the expressions on Ollie´s face!
    Sending a basket of kisses your way. xoxo

  7. I like that definition of beautiful. It works.

    Hope you are doing great. xo

  8. Mette...thank you but in reality my subjects are beautiful.xx

    Hannah- I am busy, which is why you don't see me everyday but well. xx