Thursday, October 18, 2012


Though generally I try to explain what had transpired between the cat boys in our blog posts today I felt that this step was not necessary.

I knew that afternoon when we walked outside that the cat boys wanted to show me their grand inner selves. Mirrors they are not interested in, the light outside reveals all.

I knew exactly what the next moments would be, how I would feel when I would let my eyes follow their moves here and there, follow them and follow their reflections.

Mr Puffy Pants, who shall be called Honey Badger today, walked with his relatively heavy looking  shadow
and Snussle Guss accompanied his dynamic shadow
that stopped and then got stretched out
in various ways.

I admired their ability to see themselves in all honesty, the big cats inside that were participating in our lives as little pets.
Even the dry branch with a few dry leaves had an inside that showed in the revealing light of sun.
I tried to look a little at my inside and then I did not want to do that any more.  I wanted to be better, more refined.  I lacked so many things it seemed.
They wondered about in full honesty
and courage.
Here and there the rays of light played through the molecules and the leaves and the branches.
Here and there the snussle cats played sometimes two of them and other times four.


Cat boys made many kisses and blew them in the air for you with their best lions!

Ciao everyone!


  1. You have created sheer poetry today, my friend. It runs deep and I adore it. Now you've got me thinking about Plato's Allegory of the Cave.

    Hugs to you and the cat boys, all four of them.

  2. Hello Mona

    Mr. Honey Badger and Snussie Guss have re-invented themselves and now cast deep shadows.

    I love these images and the light is spectacular
    Helen xx

  3. Honey Badger don't care. Honey Badger takes what he wants.

  4. Hope you and the CB's have a great weekend, Mona! xo

  5. Thank you Sanda for the kindest words and happy weekend as you have us wondering about the Allegory of the Cave : )

    Dear Helen- they have is hard to keep up with them really...wishing you a lovely weekend xx

    dandysandy- you KNOW it, Honey Badger is fearless, you better watch out : )

    Anne- thank you and wish you a fantastic weekend xo

  6. Mrs.LJ.,
    I can´t but admire how skilled you are with taking the most perfect pictures, capturing the shadows, the light.
    I admit feeling envious of all the sun you have.
    All we see here, is rain and gray skies.
    Sending kisses your way ( and maybe some rain too ; ).

  7. new names for the boys. how funny.

    the light is so wonderful....

  8. What a respite, to settle into the poetic softness of your snuffle, gupple, dupple words, and marvel at the intricacy of shadow, shadows; awesome

  9. Mette- you are too kind;I really wish I could take some credit but it is all the camera, and I know I can do better but my models run around a lot ...I hope some sun finds its way to you...I also have to admit that I am a sun lover and would find it difficult to do without...wishing you a bright weekend xx

    marie- those are temporary names related to have no idea how these boys have us hopping around xx

    GloryGnat- : ) smiles to you xx

  10. I love to catch my little "pets" acting like the true cats they are, with that wildness revealing itself. We have second names for our babes, too. Tiger lily and Buggy. Funny, huh?peace and love kitty kisses to all on the patio!

  11. ... I shall try my best to be brave! It's always such a personal experience to read your comments and thought on every photo, lovely. ... Honey Badger's looking unusually well groomed today" not that he doesn't usually, of course, but today he looks ... unruffled? ;)

  12. Another precious post! I love your Honey Badger and Snussie Guss and their shadows too. Please give them both a hug from me. Yes, we must live by faith. There are too many things that we can't control. Cheers.

  13. Prairie Girl- one must have many names for different times in one's lives...I see you have realized that too : )

    Carolina- kitty kisses to you

    Nancy- thank you...yes, be too

    Grace- thank boys would be visiting you everyday if you were here...hugs to you too