Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"the intimacy of sunlight and the mystery of fog"

That early morning was both early and clear when the cat boys and I set out strolling. But shortly after the fog rolled in and we felt excited.
The bougainville was brighter and the green was more bluish in the distance.  Up close the green was brilliant and the atmosphere was saturated with cool minuscule droplets of water.
I looked up and immediately recognized the slanky behind of Mr Sweet Pants who walked
on the high wall following me to the back where he perched himself for a good look at things.
Down below, on normal grounds, which are usually not as exciting as the higher grounds, a squirrel was staring
at Mr Puffy Pants from a short distance knowing all too well that a catnipped kitty would be no threat.
Mr Puffy Pants looked up at his brother
and oh, so, delicious, he continued with enjoying the magic herb.
Mr Sweet Pants let the squirrel know that
he could be down in a split second if need be so that he would not have any ideas in his head.
Later that morning the fog lifted and I saw Mr Sweet Pants down on the road that goes into a deep jungle.
Upon seeing me he jumped on the patio wall to show me his paws because he knows that I adore them.

Seeing his beautiful feet I thought to read him this:

"...A Persian cobbler never dares to make two shoes identical in every respect, because he thinks such an act will kill his wife; he may be harbouring a superstition, but artistically he is quite sound. Individuality is precious and refreshing; the world presents subtle blends of endless variations; there must be orchids and hills, roads and tuberoses, intimacy of sunlight and the mystery of fog. Spiritually, too, every human being has his candle to burn, his spire of blue incense smoke to offer as a gift and a worship in the temple of humanity. Does it matter what colour are the fingers curved in prayer? Or whether the music be a honey-slow spiritual from Louisiana, or the flute-song of a Persian shepherd, watching in a turquoise dawn? The sacred gift of an obedient life is treasured-up for all eternity, and every giver is beloved. In this dawn of a new humanity, no one is rejected. There are no untouchables, no social lepers, no spurned and remnant peoples any more; 'Abdu'l-Bahá tells us that the love of God haloes all created things...."  (Dawn Over Mount Hira)

Cat boys sent you pawsfuls of kisses, one set smelling like catnip, and their best wishes for a Happy Wednesday.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Hi my sweet Mona!!! Had to pop in and give love to you and the kitty boys...I remember the so cal fog bank with great happiness-it was so exotic to me after NYC :) xoxo

  2. Hey sunny sweet of you to do so...I was thinking today of when you were here..the turtles : )
    The fog is beautiful, especially when it burns off...sending you love xx

  3. Hello Mona

    I love the serenity of your morning.
    The beauty of originality is of prime importance. "The sacred gift of an obedient life is treasured-up for all eternity, and every giver is beloved. In this dawn of a new humanity, no one is rejected" . A beautiful prayer Amen


  4. absolutely, that reading...."individuality is precious and refreshing....does it matter what colour are the fingers curved in prayer?....the love of God haloes all created things...."

    ah. deep breath. i needed to drop in on you today.

    [love that sleek gussy telling the squirrel to not have any ideas in his head! and that lazing catnip'd ollie....]


  5. Hello Helen- that is the best part of the day we lovely to see you xx

    marie- I have missed you...I love that reading...wouldn't you love Gussy watching you for safety : ) xxx

    Marilis- xx

  6. Oh how I love your foggy morning. And that reading! I adore everything it says and means. I needed it today. :)
    Those boys of yours. Pure joy!

  7. Mona, the fog just rolled in this evening, but it doesn't happen very often, kind of eerie and portent.
    I loved the reading, we are all so unique, a wonderful thing to be sure!
    Sending you hugs...

  8. Hi Mona, Your cat boys are as sweet as ever. What's not to love about those paws, those adorable paws?

    My kitties are also very fond of the magic herb. You have to laugh at their unique yet predictable sensibilities.

    I hope you have a sunny and sweet weekend.

  9. Gorgeous photos! Hope all is well with you and the CB's.
    Sorry I've been so MIA lately - been swamped with work, etc. Please come over and enter my give-away. xo

  10. I LOVE fog...I find it so beautiful and underrated.

  11. Mona, your garden looks so green and beautiful! I can understand why the cat boys love it so much. :)

  12. gosh, they're so sweet parading themselves and their paws just for you! beautiful foggy morning, so fresh and dreamy :)