Monday, September 30, 2013

september 29th, backyard with the catboys....

September came to a rapid close this year, or is it the same each year?
Sunday morning I decided that I did not have new pictures of the cat boys this week so I walked towards the back of the complex hoping that some furry creatures would follow me.

The stretched out one, followed me like a jaguar, and I was happy to see him high on that wall.
Rapidly he scaled down the white stucco surface,
so quietly that I did not even hear the usual thump. I was looking at his shadow wondering if it would confuse him, that shadow that closely followed him on the wall.  Gingerella, who was down at my feet, was looking intently. He did not know if it was one or were there two cats coming towards us.
They kissed as the French do, one side
and then the other!
I thought it would be good to get them to sit and reflect a bit; in fact, thinking about it this could be why they have been a bit on the wild side lately.

Mr Sweet Pants quickly sat on the neighbor patio wall
while the orange one ran to the dirt and rolled on his back.  Less surprised I could not be.
I asked him to try again
while Augustus closed his eyes 
and finally, I had two rascals, who had assumed a good posture of reflecting.
We reflected on this:

O Son of Existence!  
Remember Me in My earth that I may remember thee in My Heaven. 
Thus may our eyes delight therein.
(The Hidden Words)

I had been thinking the other day about what things/places I remembered or not and why, and instantly felt a little sad that some places did not leave an impression on me.

Cat boys wished you a happy beginning to October.  They sent you pawfuls of kisses with little purrs.


  1. Hello Mona

    Those two models seem to improve with each photo shoot.
    Your comment"and instantly felt a little sad that some places did not leave an impression on me. has me me reflect and remember" has me reflect on similar places.
    Have a glorious week visiting memorable places


  2. Dear Helen, good to see you. I will tell the boys what you said. I was thinking about remembering too, how important itis to remember, to know when we had fun or not, to learn and not repeat could a place not form an impression?! Wishing you a lovely October..xx

  3. perhaps olliefur was simply prostrating himself in preparation for the reading??

    sweet autumn to you, dear friend.


  4. I woke this morning thinking about how each place has it's own unique beauty, but that I wasn't always able to see it.
    The cat boys are looking mighty fine! Xo's

  5. i agree w/ marie....maybe ollie was just getting into sivasana for a good listen?...Ha!

  6. I love these photos and I love the made me think :)

  7. marie- you are too kind, you don't know half the rascal that he is...I think I should send him to camp pencilfox for training...sweet autumn to you too special friend xx

    ShannonAnn- yes, sometimes effort is required. So good to see you xoxo

    kerin- ollie does OM a lot but I cannot tell if he is mad at me or saluting to the universal oneness : ) xo

    optimist-thank is worth thinking about this...I am thinking more about the importance of remembering, how it is the only thing that connects each other, to places, to everything...happy autumn to you

  8. I'm going to reflect more on places I've been and which ones made an impression and why. Yeah! What a splendid idea!!
    I'm not impressed with with too many towns. But, I can always find something to appreciate when I am in nature.
    Such a lasting impression, is you and cat boys. Always.

  9. Hi Mona Dear, I'm so sorry I've been away. Forgive me. I'm happy to see the boys are as gorgeous and rambunctious as ever. I love that they kiss like the French. Mine do this too and it's very endearing.

    September flew through the room and out the back door in a huff. So uncharacteristic of such a typically placid month. Very strange.

    I really love that quote. Indeed, indeed. Hug the boys for me.

  10. Sometimes I wish I had been "paying more attention" when seeing places, experiencing things. I strive to live in the moment, but sometimes it's difficult. We could learn from our cat friends!

  11. prairiegirl-reviewing things in my head I too found out that nature made lasting impressions as well as happy times that were simple....we are impressed by you xxx

    Grace- always good to see you...yes, the days are flying and we are happy to be in company of lovely friends like you...happy october to you xx

    Sanda- me too...even when I make an attempt I sometimes fail...impressions form on their own! Wishing you a happy weekend!