Thursday, December 5, 2013

the best we can do now...

My camera is at the shop for dust removal.
When I told the man that I put my camera in my pocket along with cat treats, bird seeds, sunflower seeds for squirrels, and some catnip, he first gave me a semi-dirty look, and then when he realized that the cat boys took morning walks with me and loved treats and loved to see birds and squirrels while they ate, then he softened up. He showed me pictures of his own cat and we shared stories. All of this is to let you know that I am relying on the handy dandy iphone for photos.

Our days are busy and short.
Independent of each other we spend a good bit of time plotting.
My plots revolve around how to get the cat boys indoors before the workmen arrive in the morning(we are smoothing down the rough ceiling and a few other things).
Gingerella's plots are focused on disappearing quietly without Mr Sweet Pants noticing, and that is not as easy task as the slanky stripester roams jaguar like around looking for the orange ball of naughtiness.  Of course Gingerella becomes very emotional and runs to me for support.
Mr Sweet Pants' agenda has two entries on it...#1- find any cat boy in our neighborhood and fight with it. And item #2 is "Follow Gingerella."  Though I don't approve of the items on his agenda I usually applaud him for keeping it simple.

Some random photos of few days ago ....

Gingerella letting patches of light sit on his fur.

Gingerella and Mr Sweet Pants in a rare moment..I like to think that they succumbed to the perfectness of the air, bright sun, chirping birds...and that they were not just plotting with eyes closed.

Mr Sweet Pants and Gingerella as seen most of the wrestling!

All the fault is not with Gingerella, Mr Sweet Pants does his he came to block Ollie's view, on purpose.  Sometimes he goes and tinks right in front of him.  : )

Here they forgot about sibling rivalries and are wondering what might be hiding in the bushes.  I was fascinated by the ball of sunlight that Ollie was sitting on.

Ollie trying to hide.  : )

Wink wink....he felt good about his accomplishments that day.

I attended a talk last night that was very inspiring and thought provoking, something about the power of words and how so much of what we do is defined perhaps by words having rigid, conventional meanings that do not match our social realities and therefore confine and prevent progress (this probably makes sense only to myself) but the essence of it was that there is only one reality but that it is multiplied because of our imperfect understanding.

Augustus the Great Naughty Cat Boy suggested that we reviewed this together and so we did:

"Reality is one; and when found, it will unify all mankind.
Reality is the love of God. Reality is the knowledge of God.
 Reality is justice.
Reality is the oneness or solidarity of mankind. Reality is international peace.
Reality is the knowledge of verities. Reality unifies humanity.”

The Promulgation of Universal Peace

December days are running as fast as they can.  Cat boys hope that you are enjoying them.  Keep your agendas simple and focus on the boys sent you pawfuls of kisses and their best wishes.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Oh my gosh he's winking in that last pic!!!

  2. These cat boys had deep philosophical discussions today. They are very intelligent kitties!

  3. I understand perfectly what that talk represents. Being there would have helped in my search for enlightenment.
    Wink wink has got me laughing out loud!
    And the orange ball of naughtiness...hysterical!
    Before it's long gone, happy December to you!

  4. I hope your camera is cleaned for all bits of dust and seed remnants as fast as possible. In the mean time enjoy your morning walks and plottings with the boys!

    It's so cold here, that Rufus always gives me a look filled with contempt every time I open thr balcony door. Like it's somehow my fault it's freezing outside!

  5. i don't treat my camera very well, either. it's usually stuffed into my pocket when i am outdoors….and that means it picks up sawdust and bark bits and bird seed and whatever else is in the coat pockets….

    that augustus….although naughty, he picked a good quote.

    love and kisses on the wind!