Friday, March 4, 2011


Ollie looking puzzled on such a beautiful day!
"What is Augustus up to?", he wants to know.

I had no answers, I was puzzled too.
So I recommended that we read a paragraph on the topic of immortality, and though puzzled, he went along.

"The spirit of man, however, can manifest itself in all forms at the same time. For example, we say that a material body is either square or spherical, triangular or hexagonal. While it is triangular, it cannot be square; and while it is square, it is not triangular. Similarly, it cannot be spherical and hexagonal at the same time. These various forms or shapes cannot be manifest at the same instant in one material object. Therefore, the form of the physical body of man must be destroyed and abandoned before it can assume or take unto itself another. Mortality, therefore, means transference from one form to another—that is, transference from the human kingdom to the kingdom of the mineral. When the physical man is dead, he will return to dust; and this transference is equivalent to nonexistence. But the human spirit in itself contains all these forms, shapes and figures. It is not possible to break or destroy one form so that it may transfer itself into another. As an evidence of this, at the present moment in the human spirit you have the shape of a square and the figure of a triangle. Simultaneously also you can conceive a hexagonal form. All these can be conceived at the same moment in the human spirit, and not one of them needs to be destroyed or broken in order that the spirit of man may be transferred to another. There is no annihilation, no destruction; therefore, the human spirit is immortal because it is not transferred from one body into another body...." (Promulgation of Universal Peace)

I am so proud of these cat boys, my love knows no end. The two rascals made their usual kisses for the days to come until our next visit, wishing all a lovely weekend!

Ciao everyone!


  1. Tell Augustus that no one has any answers.

    I love the idea of transference from one form to another. In the new form, I hope all is revealed :-).

    Sending kisses from our kitties. Have a beautiful weekend. xoxo

  2. xoxo to you Susan and company of cats!

  3. Ollie's face expressions always makes me smile : )

  4. Inquisitive in the grass. Kitties will hunt invisible things, it is true.

    Happy weekend!

  5. AMEN to this reading, my dear woman, and kisses from Jones and Jane to you and the kitty boys!


  6. that quizical ollie.
    that inquizitive augustus.
    they both tug at my heartstrings.
    kisses to them both.

    lovely reading today: mathematical and scientific as well as spiritual.


  7. Great photos of the CB's in nature, Mona! Have a super week. xo