Monday, March 7, 2011

Sometimes clear and concerted....

that was the overarching feeling in the air this past Saturday, at least for some moments in the morning hours. We were in the urban backyard, the three of us. Our favorite palm that stands tall and alone was particularly calm.

The cat boys were perched on the neighbor's patio wall and as I looked at the two of them I heard the music and watched the concert.

Ollie up, Gussy up
Ollie up, Gussy down
Ollie up, Gussy left
Ollie back, Gussy back
Ollie back, Gussy front
Ollie right, Gussy left....PAUSE
Singing bird now arriving in the tree.

Ollie back, Gussy back!
Ollie gives me the look, Gussy loves the bird.
At some point that day the cat boys filled their paws with special kisses for everyone, they were in good spirits.

At some point that day, evening to be more exact, Sylvester and I went to

"Musicians, Poets And Dancers Of The Harlem Renaissance"

that was presented by Dr Ron McCurdy of USC. The event that included jazz, film, poetry and a talk was very informative and also great fun. The cat boys expressed interest in poetry and jazz when I told them about it.

At some point during the weekend we read and reflected, just a bit only, on this:

"High aims and pure motives, however laudable in themselves, will surely not suffice if unsupported by measures that are practicable and methods that are sound. Wealth of sentiment, abundance of goodwill and effort, will prove of little avail if we should fail to exercise discrimination and restraint and neglect to direct their flow along the most profitable channels. The unfettered freedom of the individual should be tempered with mutual consultation and sacrifice, and the spirit of initiative and enterprise should be reinforced by a deeper realization of the supreme necessity for concerted action and a fuller devotion to the common weal..." (Shoghi Effendi)

The boys had a giveaway announcement from flordesol that must not be missed...the boys meowed MOSSSSSS...

Hope your weekend was concerted and furry,,,hope you received a few cat kisses.

Ciao everyone!


  1. I love how you capture their lovely positions and expressions.

    Yes, there were many cat kisses here this weekend.

    Here's to more devotion to the common weal!


  2. They are looking particularly handsome in those pictures!


  3. Susan- glad you got those kisses! xox

    Amanda- they were agreeable for a few moments, usually they hide away! xoxo to you and Harley

  4. why, i'm all gussied out...


    i was just all ollied up!


  5. the two boys were certainly holding a cat concert. up. down. around. back again. they make me smile with their antics.

    another great and meaningful reading, reminding me to temper my individual unfetteredness.

    sending kisses back to the boys, and to you!


  6. Nancy- you and the boys could do a concert, all so musical! xoxo

    marie- I think we all have to work on unfetteredness so emphasized in today's world...boys say hi and send hugs xoxo

  7. Your handsome boys are killing me softly..
    A question: How long does it take you to take these post pictures/post?
    Sending your boys kisses back :)!

  8. The weather has been so wiz bang I bet the boys are feeling the effects of whiplash, still they look so calm and carful, as cats often do.

    Here's to a great week Mona, xoxo

  9. Met- the boys kill me too, they are full of games. Both taking photos and posting take a long time because they play games. I spend a good 40 minutes walking with them in the mornings (5 a.m. to ~ 6) and the same at night. I have my cameral handy and really observe them. Posting is equally difficult because as I go through the photos I have to think what was going on and relate it to something. As you can see they have me wrapped around their furry paws! xoxo

    Ro- the wind last night was great, we managed to get them in early but I paid the price, I was up 4:45 because they wanted out and would not take NO for an answer. Wishing you a great day too! xoxo

  10. They are so relaxing to look at. Perfect.

  11. The boys are so talented. I am sure if Dr. McCurdy knew of their talent that he would have invited them to his lecture.

  12. Your pictures and words always make this girl's day brighter.

    Thank you for them~