Thursday, October 6, 2011

living in a thin veneer on tippy toes

I told the cat boys of what I had learned during a talk last night, a talk given by one of the scientists who worked on correcting the Hubble Telescope's vision. You can see him on minute 1:20 of this video. He spoke as a scientist and as a philosopher in awe, how could one not be so when investigating this world, whether microscopically or macroscopically?

So I asked the cat boys if they realized that we lived in a 10 mile veneer shell on the earth, stretching from 2 miles under the oceans to 8 miles above!

They meowed.

We talked, chatted, meowed a lot. Before I knew it we were all tired. So Augustus, Mr Sweet Pants, took advantage of this opportunity to show me how to stretch, I had mentioned to him one day that sitting at a desk made me tired.

And so here is your cat stretch, those of you who sit at a desk....
Mr Puffy Pants Ollie chimed in that one could use the wall to do the same stretch effectively.
And just to out do his brother he added another movement that he calls "Tippy Toes"
I did not want to giggle seeing his little legs.

While this was going on the sly one chose to escape the reading that he was sure would be following!!!
Today's quote is from Loren Acton, the astronaut, who said this when viewing the earth from outer skies:

Looking outward to the blackness of space, sprinkled with the glory of a universe of lights, I saw majesty but no welcome. Below was a welcoming planet. There, contained in the thin, moving, incredibly fragile shell of the biosphere is everything that is dear to you, all the human drama and comedy. That's where life is that's where all the good stuff is.

Well, life is sometimes good, and sometimes great, and quite often not so good, and this changes all the time. But really though there is no place like earth, and our job is to fill it with love every minute of every day.

The cat boys wished everyone good times sprinkled with their lovely kisses and purrs!

Ciao everyone!


  1. amen to all that you said.
    i wonder sometimes how i can so quickly change from "life is good" to "life is not so good"....
    however, you summed it up so well:
    there's no place like earth.

    i'll try to do my part to spread some love....


    p.s. when i go back to work, i shall keep in mind the catboys' stretching exercises. i spend HOURS on my feet and feel like i pound myself into the floor, so a stretch is a good thing even for those NOT at a desk!

  2. I think the CB's should produce their own feline exercise video. Have a great holiday wknd. xo

  3. pencil- you are always spreading love and yes, do those stretches...xx

    anne- that is a grand idea though I think a whole video would be difficult Have a great weekend! xx

  4. I just h a d to come over to see your boys.
    Oh, I wish I could all that stretching without fear of hearing cracking noise ( joints, bones ). I would love to hear a story in the end of the day, which for me is pretty early, as I wake up real early.
    All I see now, is the lonely lamp by the stable in the dark, rainy, windy night.
    Sending hugs to your boys. Have a great day!

  5. Thank you Mette...the scene you describe sounds peaceful to me. The cat boys suggested little stretches first and then big ones. xx

  6. Great stretching techniques and I am glad that those boys pay attention to your wise words....Happy Sunday....xv

  7. I hope your week is off to a great start! xx

  8. Ten miles.

    It's truly unbelievable, no?

    Almost as unbelievable as those little toes peeking out under a fuzzy butt.

  9. Nothing like a really really good stretch!

  10. good stuff indeedy, sweeties... all three of you:)

  11. It truly is all about love.

    I'm glad your boys have so much of it.

    it's nice to be back around...

  12. We've been reading to the boy about both what it would take to get to the center of the earth and about the atmosphere as well ... life is an amazing thing, no matter its tenor.

    And the boys definitely know how to stretch out.