Monday, October 31, 2011

We must pause again....

When October decided to roll up there was no guarantees of a different pace, only different days, different temperatures...and so, this past weekend as the boys and I gathered for a brief powwow we agreed that we needed to pause and reflect...

Ollie gave me his best attention. I was reminded of Marilyn Monroe for some reason
when I saw his fluffy stretched out paws.
Too shy to be photographed incessantly he changed positions and hid his gorgeous paws. He is too naughty!

Mr Sweet Pants Augustus was observing us silently...

He then glanced at me a sweet glance
and gently chuckled, entertained by his ginger brother!
Augustus chose this reading for reflection...

O SON OF THE WONDROUS VISION! I have breathed within thee a breath of My own Spirit, that thou mayest be My lover. Why hast thou forsaken Me and sought a beloved other than Me? (the Hidden Words)

and from the look of it Ollie really enjoyed it. He practices meditation actively.

I decided that I liked being referred to as "The Son of Wondrous Vision"...and decided to focus on that.

Later that afternoon Mr Sweet Pants retired to the indoors where he rested his tired paws

and the rest of him too.

Some of his time was filled with making kisses for you wish you a happy end of October...
The owner of these little paws chose to play outdoors and I am certain that he too made kisses for you.

Happy end of October everyone!



  1. it's nice to see them so happy and well. i'm glad ollie bounced back! hope you had a wonderful weekend. xx

  2. Happy Monday to you Sam...the boys are besides themselves when they spend the day out...we are beyond thrilled about was sad seeing the chubser not eat for so long. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead xxx

  3. Your Ollie and Augustus seem to feel the same way I do about the end of October. Eh... I think I need a nap. :)

  4. Kitty hands!!! I love them.

    Happy Halloween....hope you had a lovely weekend.

  5. i love everything about this post:
    cat poses. cat paws. cat meditations.


  6. Oh what a sweet rest for mr sweet(paws)!!

  7. Grace- I agree, we should all nap together : )

    Hannah- I am with you on that...I usually massage their paws at the end of the day : )

    fox- thank you dear, we love u xx

    carolina- I like that, mr sweet paws : )