Friday, January 27, 2012

Gentle kindness...

This is the scene from yesterday when I was leaving work, sort of exhausted, relieved, wondering. Thankful for this sight that made me think of kindness...sometimes kindness is in the beauty of friends, or what surrounds us, maybe words, maybe in silence.

Surrounded by their gentle kindness of the naughty sort we reflected upon this:

"O maid-servant of God! The mystery of sacrifice is that man should sacrifice all his conditions for the divine station of God. The station of God is mercy, kindness, forgiveness, sacrifice, favor, grace and giving life to the spirits and lighting the fire of His love in the hearts and arteries. I asked God to make thee a sign of mercy, the banner of kindness among His maid-servants." AbdulBaha, Spiritual Teacher

Cat boys made kisses for your weekend and wished you to be surrounded with kindness.



  1. May kindness surround all of you this weekend.

    Thank you for the message


  2. What a breathtaking sunset, Mona!
    Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  3. Gorgeous sunset :-) for some reason it evokes nostalgia and random thoughts regarding the passage of time, mortality and a sense of purpose

  4. amen and amen.

    [much love to you and the cat boys....silent love....silently blown kisses....]

  5. That first picture is breathtaking, and the faces of your boys, so sweet.


  6. helen- thank you, what a beautiful wish xx
    Ro- xxx to you
    Anne- it was even prettier live...xx
    Ana- that is how I felt, it was eerie and beautiful...I was exhausted and felt treated by that beauty
    fox- you are the quiet and lovely sort, aren't ya? we love you
    Obsidian- I love the name, lovely to see you xx
    Susan- xxx we are thrilled about your good news

  7. Ah, beautiful pink sky (and beautiful--well, handsome--kitties).

  8. Such kindness in the faces of your felines. Love the sunset! I saw a rainbow here this morning. It was equally enchanting.