Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The world that DEMANDed our attention would have to wait...

as this one morning the furry dudes and I decided to go out on our excursion. The green had started to paint its way in the spaces between the bare branches, in most places,
and not so in other places. This poor coral tree was butchered by our "skilled" gardeners two years ago, and forces a few leaves out each year!
One squirrel took note of our presence...he expected sunflower seeds raining from the skies magically!
Mr Puffy Pants and Mr Sweet Pants strolled almost paw in paw, savoring each others' feline proximity.
The magnificent beasts placed themselves royally in two different spots making observations, the way only big cats know how to do.
Sweet Pants stared right into my eyes, indicating that he was focused and ready for reading.
Mr Puffy Pants got up to find a favorable spot where he too would listen.

He assumed the posture of unencumbered reflection!

We reflected on this passage from The Promulgation of Universal Peace:

"From the fellowship and commingling of the elemental atoms life results. In their harmony and blending there is ever newness of existence. It is radiance, completeness; it is consummation; it is life itself. Just now the physical energies and natural forces, which come under our immediate observation are all at peace. The sun is at peace with the earth upon which it shines. The soft breathing winds are at peace with the trees. All the elements are in harmony and equilibrium. A slight disturbance and discord among them might bring another San Francisco earthquake and fire. A physical clash, a little quarreling among the elements, as it were, and a violent cataclysm of nature results. This happens in the mineral kingdom. Consider, then, the effect of discord and conflict in the kingdom of man, so superior to the realm of inanimate existence. How great the attendant catastrophe, especially when we realize that man is endowed by God with mind and intellect."

We meditated in silence.
Ollie was especially touched. Later when he came to, he made lots of kisses and blew them in the air for you.

Ciao everyone!


  1. I loved the reading until I came to the "discord" part. :) Peace is so much nicer. Your boys are at their furry finest today. I hope the tree survives the butchering. Ciao to you too.

  2. I wonder if you and the boys happened to see a very small, blue monkey while out this a.m., she's about yay high. I'm afraid she hitched a freight and headed to Pas :(

    Sorry about your coral tree that's a shame, they can be so beautiful.

    Thank you as always for your reading, xo Ro

  3. OMG, is it already turning towards spring in your part of the world???
    And we have just started " the real winter " over here. Up north c. -40°C, down south more than -20°C + the cold wind makes it like -30°C!
    Ollie could survive well over here, me - not at all well.

  4. wonderful. I love the last two pictures the most. regal. elegant. warm.

  5. Grace- xx

    Ro- the boys would love to see a blue monkey xx

    Mette- Ollie would do well in your -23, should I get him airplane tickets? xx

    Sam- thank you...thank youxx

  6. Mona, we are buried in snow, today it was soft and gentle, last weekend it was a howling storm, but through it all we celebrate nature. I love seeing the green in your world! Xo's

  7. I am sure that those boys know the kingdom of cats is far superior to the kingdom of man or mineral!
    They are so fine...

    xo's {lots} to you all...