Thursday, September 6, 2012

September, still bright and dry...

This is the view earlier two days ago as we walked back to the condo...the September sun couldn't deceive us,  the angle with which it hit the pole in the courtyard appeared different; at least this is what the cat boys told me.  Still bright, warm and dry but there was no fooling two genius cat boys.
When we set out earlier we came upon the big palm tree that fell to its demise Saturday evening.  It just fell kaboom and had Ollie flying indoors like a flash of light.  He did not go back out that night while Augustus, the stripy cat, sat on a high garage roof and yawned...he was not incredibly entertained.

He was significantly more entertained when I took a big tall ladder and climbed up the 8-foot stucco wall to retrieve him.  As I sat up there on the garage roof I thought simultaneously about the nice private vista Augustus had and of how I would eventually climb back down.  I did climb down eventually,  and he noted the human clumsiness but did not meow about it.

Back to the fallen it is..fallen on its side.  The stripy cat Augustus took a semi-interested look at it and wondered if he should bother tinxing on it.  Naah, not this one!

Ollie looked from a distance...he remembered the kaboom.

And here he is digging deep into his memory bank while also trying to console himself.

Yesterday morning's skies were considerably different, blue and not golden, September playing tricks with us.

The stripy cat sat on the patio wall and told Ollie all about the ladder using cat mental waves.

 Ollie thought that my climbing was too hilarious and so he tried to give me a kiss.

I wondered about these two boys, I wondered about us all, I wondered how when trees fall and cats climb to unreachable heights, when civilizations roll away and musical notes recollect in new arrangements, that the cement that glues us all is the ability to adore...created to adore.

"O SON OF JUSTICE! Whither can a lover go but to the land of his beloved? and what seeker findeth rest away from his hearts desire? To the true lover reunion is life, and separation is death. His breast is void of patience and his heart hath no peace. A myriad lives he would forsake to hasten to the abode of his beloved."


Cat boys sent you adoring kisses and their best wishes....

Ciao everyone!


  1. It's a dangerous place lately around your courtyard but yesterday was such a cloudy gift, a respite from the suns zinging light.

    xoxox Ro, to the kitties as well

  2. Ro- you have no idea...yes, cloudy gift, big downpour, etc etc xxx

  3. Sorry you lost a tree in the storm. Do tell the cat boys to be careful out there. Cut pix of the golden one "kissing" you. Wishing you fair skies in coming days.

  4. Sanda- it was not even stormy- it just fell! We were lucky no one was standing around. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  5. Well, that must have been a bit unnerving. I can understand ollie's need to run and hide. I'm glad no one was hurt. Kisses from me to the boys.

  6. i love the image of you climbing up and sitting with augustus. no wonder ollie wanted to kiss you: now you are one of *them*....

  7. You climbing this "extraordinary" ladder reminds me of Georgia Okeefe, how she'd climb her ladder to the flat roof of her adobe to sit. I think stripey A wants a ladder of his own. Mama! I think yer on to something! And funny Ollie. Bad palm tree!! I will keep with me today, 'reunion is life, separation is death'. We must all stick together. Hope you guys have a peaceful weekend, and lots of laughs.

  8. Once again, so beautifully arranged, pictured post.
    I am having a hard time of accepting palm trees as real trees, they are SO exotic.
    Have an enjoyable weekend!

  9. gosh I love your stories - and the photos to go with them (or if it's the stories that go with the photos?) ...that was a HUGE palm tree to fall, just like that :o

  10. Grace- I was amazing...kisses to you xx

    marie- I could only wish I were one of them, how easily they jump up...I was jealous xx

    prairiegirl- that roof top was the best place- I kept wondering if I could devise a way to get up there easier...yes yes...separation is bad...reunion is heavens xx

    mette- thank you and I agree, palm trees appear almost fake : )

    Nancy- I think the pictures go together with the stories...if I let the pictures go too long I forget the story...xx

  11. Wow, glad no one was hurt by the falling have a gorgeous courtyard. Have a great week, sweet friend. xo.