Friday, September 21, 2012

Where gratitude takes us nearer...

"Thankfulness brings you to the place where the Beloved lives." _ Rumi

The cat boys woke me up early this morning as they do every morning; nowadays it is even dark when we go out.  MrLittleJeans always wants to know how they woke me up on that particular day.  He is most entertained listening to the various methods they employ and I am entertained thinking about it because when I first wake up I am not that entertained.

This morning Ollie went to the closet and start banging his furry little golden fists on the door until I got up. Augustus who was lying at the foot of the bed did not think him insane, he just listened wondering or not.

They woke me up early to go check the outdoors always curious to find what creatures had set their feet on our cement grounds.

Augustus monitored the walls
while Ollie said his morning prayers by a light near the big palm.
I went back in for coffee and doing some laundry and other things and returned when it was lighter.   They sat and we stared.
Incidentally staring is really good for the eyes...stare close, then far, close, then far, try to make out silhouettes in the dark, then light.  At least this is my thinking unsupported by any opthamologist.
As the first rays of the sun reflected off the patch of clouds above I thought to walk back in hoping to have some furry followers.
Indoors they had breakfast and played some theatrical roles, those thespian cats, and I went about my business of getting ready.

On my way out I noted one office worker cat
in active meditation,
and the other office worker cat hiding from work!
Closer examination indicated that our sheets were very furry, just how the cats liked them.

We discussed during our early morning excursions "gratitude", that deep gratitude that stays with us even during hard times, or that deep gratitude that we like to find especially during hard times.  The cat boys told me that getting there required practice.  I have decided to practice that.   Tomorrow I have some neighbors for afternoon get together where we share inspirational writings and prayers and then we eat.  Our theme is gratitude.

"Therefore, mere verbal thanksgiving is without effect. But real thankfulness is a cordial giving of thanks from the heart.  When man in response to the favors of God manifests susceptibilities of conscience, the heart is happy, the spirit is exhilarated.  These spiritual susceptibilities are ideal thanksgiving."  (Abdul Baha, Excerpt of talk 1912)

Cat boys made you kisses and blew them out in the air to wish you a happy weekend.

Ciao everyone!


  1. I wish i worked in an office that had such precious co-workers!

  2. oh, gratitude...always...even when things totally suck! :)

  3. dandy sandy- you do! : )

    kerin- you rock xx

  4. Hilarious, those office workers. What a great topic you have tomorrow: Gratitude. To practice it faithfully is to transform one's life is my belief. Happy weekend to all!

  5. All I can say is, on this gorgeous early Saturday morning, I give thanks for being able to visit your site, which always brings a smile to my face and a sense of peace. And I love love love those boys of yours!!!! xxx

  6. i love EVERYTHING about this post.

  7. Great to see your boys again! When we had a cat, I remember those early morning wakings, as Emil ( the cat ), would scratch our balcony door.
    It was always very early in the morning, and now I can confess, six years later, that the scratching drove me nuts.
    But, like you, up I got, and let him out, and then in again.
    Seeing the innocent look in the eyes of Augustus, I now understand.
    A cat does, what he has to do, when ever : )
    Thanks for the lovely post!

  8. Sanda- I laugh each time I see them at their desk...too funny..I wanted to say government workers but hesitated : )

    Miss Lovely Gnat- thank you xx

    prairiegirl- you cheer us with your visits

    marie- I know you know all about gratitude...we are grateful for you xxx

    mette- thank you Mette...yes, the look in their eyes... Emil is such a great name xx

  9. Work would be so much more interesting with a cat to wander the corridors! gratitude sounds like something to think about always. I shall do just that tomorrow.