Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Lost in awe at the works of the Lord of Oneness"

You wouldn't be able to tell from these photos that it is January, and that it is rather cold, for us that is, here in Southern California.  I suppose the bare branches might tip you off that it is wintery at least.

Augustus and Ollie sing cat songs when they hear and see doves flying above, you know that sound of soft flapping wings that is almost musical, not mechanical.  So, I took this picture for them, of the mauve dove that had just flown over their heads and perched himself on one of those peachy mauve bare branches that cool morning in January.
That morning we each had our own little pleasures to enjoy.  For me it was the cat boys, the light on the branches, the cool air, the shadows, the coming to life of the still early morning.

For Augustus the Sweet Pants, it was the higher ground scenery, the sounds coming from above.
For Mr Puffy Pants, it was the cold earth, the smell of damp soil, fresh shoots and dead leaves, the vibrations that his big paws felt in the ground below.
Ollie explored.
No sooner had he stepped out of the cold shade and walked into the morning sun's down pour that he forgot his morning plans and succumbed to the lure of the freshly warmed cold earth.
That dirty boy!  Someone will have to kiss him soon.
He savored, absorbed, and
delighted in that little piece of land.
We three the pondered on this little message:

O My Friends!
Walk ye in the ways of the good pleasure of the Friend, and know that His pleasure is in the pleasure of His creatures... (The Hidden Words)

I noticed the loving glances of Mr Sweet Pants who was also enjoying the warming rays of sun directed towards his mesmerized brother for some moments.
A new day was awaiting us....

Cat boys made you pawfuls of kisses and blew them in the air with their best wishes. Happy Tuesday everyone! Ciao!


  1. What a delightful post! Your beautiful cats are enjoying those special, big-little things which money can't buy: sunshine, nature, being able to roll on the ground without being told off and, most of all: happiness!

    I enjoyed every single image: beautiful!



  2. Anna...it is great to see your bright and smily face...we send you love ciao! xx

  3. Aw, so sweet. I love those cat boys. I love how the sunlight warms their delicate fur and makes their eyes squint. It's been chilly up here too. I'm ready for the rain to return. Ciao to you too dear friend.

  4. Oh Joy! Everybody's outside watching birds flit around, enjoying the coolness of the So Cal air, squinting in the sunlight and rolling in the dirt! I can feel the energy from this post. I can see your smiles, the doves wings, and the boys singing. Friends abound. X

  5. i love how each of you has your own blessed spot of joy.
    and that reading: just what i needed to read.


  6. Grace...good morning dear friend...you know peculiar thing..within seconds of Gus standing in the sun his fur becomes hot but not so with Ollie...we too need the rain altho the boys don't like to wear parkas xx

    prairiegirl- nothing like squinting in sunny cool air...sending you love from us all xx

    marie- yes, each day we make do with the little we have that is actually a lot ...I do too xx

  7. O My Friends!
    Walk ye in the ways of the good pleasure of the Friend, and know that His pleasure is in the pleasure of His creatures... (The Hidden Words)

    What a beautiful message and your images of Puffy and Sweet Pants match the words and feeling of the new dawn.
    Thank you for this my friend

    Helen xx

  8. It has been super cold here the past few days, your sunshine and lovely boys warm my heart!!!

  9. cat's are masters of finding that one patch of dry soil where the sun shines on :-)

  10. Love this post!

  11. Lovely Gnat...thank you..we missed you last nightxx

    Helen, the cat boys selected the reading...I too love it, xxx

    ShannonAnn- I bet it is cold there, I frequently forget how long winter can be since it is so short here...sending you love and rays of warming sun xx

    coffeeaddict- they sure are, I understand from them that one does not need much to enjoy life xxx

    Regine- thank you for visiting us...we shall visit you soon : )

  12. Gosh I love being a creature!

    Wonderful post Mona...
    xo to you all...

  13. Your sweet and beautiful cats seem to understand that you are one with them. In my next life I hope I shall be a cat---preferable belonging to an owner such as you!

  14. Strangely the first picture gives a hint of winter, just a bit, but then again the sky is too blue, and the palm trees. Too exotic for winter.
    The light is bright though.. I´m getting mixed up.
    Wonderful pictures of your dudes.
    Send them my greetings from far-away Finland.xx

  15. Mona, you write beautifully! Love the sun, wish we had some rays of that :)
    And I wish I could kiss the boys on their little noses :)

  16. stopping by to see what the fur babies are doing. always a pleasure.

  17. Dee- me too...a creature with gorgeous fur and tremendous running capabilities and sharp teeth and big eyes..etc etc. xxx

    Sanda- they really do consider me one of them..they get disappointed when I don't play enough xx

    Mette- this is our winter...dry in patches and green in others...about 40-50 degrees change in one day...good to see you xxx

    Carolina- thank you...I adore the sun and am lucky that we do get quite a bit of it here....sending you love

    mountaindreamers- great to see you, I frequently think about you...hope you are very well xx