Thursday, March 28, 2013

A splendid day...

The back corner of our complex is a most special place, we are very glad that it is mostly neglected by the inhabitants of this white cube.

It has been our meeting place for some time now.  I have thousands of photos and have covered all angles worthy of capture, and for that matter, perhaps not worthy of capture.

For the most part, it is an uninteresting place, with the exception of those times when the rays of sun pour through, or the chirps of birds descend through the leaves, and most definitely, when two certain cat boys deck the area.

This morning Mr PuffyPants had the high walls but was slightly concerned about making his way back down.
I noticed that his more experienced brother, the Sweet Pants, was down below giving him notes of cat encouragement.
He then looked at me for moral support!
I reminded him that he was a lion and that we were both watching him.
Situation assessed...
he scaled down in all of his magnificence.

I grabbed him and kissed him.
His long brother was pleased.
I then asked them to group for a reading and reflection.  
They chose the front end of the white cube closer to the entrance.
I asked them to assume a posture of learning with open mind.

They had fallen out of practice so they consulted briefly wondering what that posture was.
They sat both with their backs to me and ears pointed to my direction.
That was actually the way we used to read in the past but they were uncertain, and within seconds
one set of unsure ears flipped forwards, and the other set remained back.
That would not work for me.
Then both sets of ears turned forwards and that would not work at all.
Finally, both sat alert with their ears and backs towards me...the proper posture they were searching for, those perfectionist cat boys.

I decided to share with them a paragraph from one of their favorite books,

"When Joseph was for sale, the market-place
Teemed with Egyptians wild to see his face;
An ancient crone pushed forward-in her hand
She held a few threads twisted strand by strand...
The merchant laughed and said: 'Come on, old girl,
It's not for you to purchase such a pearl...'
'Oh, I knew that before,' the old crone said;
'I knew you wouldn't sell him for my thread-
But it's enough that everyone will say
"She bid for Joseph on that splendid day".'

Cat boys made you pawfuls of kisses and wished for you a splendid day!

Ciao everyone!


  1. Oh, so great pictures. How wonderfully brave and skilled Ollie is coming down from the heights!
    And the story/poem was so sweet.
    A very Happy Easter to You and the Boys!

  2. Happy Easter to you and your family dear Mette...seeing you made me happy. : )

  3. wishing you all happy Easter and many new adventures and open mind postures :-)

  4. Happy Easter to you as well dear Anna...xx

  5. I am so happy to see that the cat boys are back into their reflection state of mind and that they listen so attentively to your readings.

  6. and, finally. a reading.
    so perfect.
    and, the boys, in their listening stances....

    with love to you all....


  7. In like a lion, out like an Ollie.

    My kitties do the same thing....they climb to a high place, and then cry when they can't figure out how to get down :).

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. unbelievably enchanting; the subtle phrases, lifted and shifted hither and thither, like the cats' ears.

  9. Ears pointed here there and everywhere...but always listening to what you say. Ginger's acrobatics are amazing!
    Sweet pants, always looking on, trying to look unimpressed, but we know better!
    I heard about the conference of birds on NPR last year or so. I immediately bought the book.
    I hope tomorrow's day brings you joy. xoxo

  10. I finally had free time tonight to go and see about some blog friends I've missed: there are those beautiful boys and beautiful you. Love to you all!!! xoxoxo

  11. I hope you and the furry friends ad a great Easter!

  12. I hope your Easter was pretty good!

  13. I am not the only one who is completely smitten with kitty ears, am I? Mr. Lion was so brave to come down from that ginormous wall. And Mr. Sweet Pants gets a gold star for encouraging his brother.

    Love to all of you.

  14. Meow meow...thank you all for your lovely visit! : )