Friday, March 1, 2013

traces in March

A blog post I once perused suggested that a good day required a good beginning or something to this effect.  Naturally, I started thinking about my days' beginnings and startled myself a little when I realized that indeed my every day had a magically delightful beginning.  Was I banking on those beginnings or not?

I wake up to magic...I note planetary objects move in the short time that I gaze at the skies, I hear birds sing operatically, and I see cat boys move about here and there while always reporting to me their findings.

On this particular morning, the moon was sometimes here and gradually appeared more to the left.  Cat boy numero uno, Mr Sweet Pants, was perched on one of the high walls,
and his leaning posture
and adorable expression directed my gaze
towards this hummingbird,
which Gingerella (Mr Puffy Pants) had noticed earlier. ( I know the photo is blurry but if you follow his gaze you will see the bird in mid air)

Shortly after I noticed Mr Puffy Pants seated on the same wall where his striped brother was moments before; and when he sniffed the wall were traces of his brother lingered I wondered about those traces we leave behind.
Traces in people's minds...
traces in their hearts.  I know Ollie was absorbing traces of love.
March has begun dear boys have for you a tree bouquet,
a selection for meditation,

"On this journey the traveler abideth in every land and dwelleth in every region. In every face, he seeketh the beauty of the Friend; in every country he looketh for the Beloved. He joineth every company, and seeketh fellowship with every soul, that haply in some mind he may uncover the secret of the Friend, or in some face he may behold the beauty of the Loved One.

And if, by the help of God, he findeth on this journey a trace of the traceless Friend, and inhaleth the fragrance of the long-lost Joseph from the heavenly messenger, he shall straightway step into THE VALLEY OF LOVE and be dissolved in the fire of love. In this city the heaven of ecstasy is upraised and the world-illuming sun of yearning shineth, and the fire of love is ablaze; and when the fire of love is ablaze, it burneth to ashes the harvest of reason." (The Seven Valleys)

and one super stretch to prepare you for your days ahead.
Pawfuls of kisses were spread in the air as they walked home.
Ciao everyone!


  1. I never cease to wonder your skills as a photographer; the patience it needs, to catch just the " perfect " moment to press the button!
    I so enjoy meeting your boys.
    A very fine beginning of the month March to You and Yours!

  2. Hahaha! And ahhhh...
    The peeking and sniffing and loving of Sweets and Ginger, leaving traces of contentment and familiarity.
    Some people in our path can have a lingering affect .
    I leave you with wishes that come true and pawfulls of kisses!

  3. I so love this post and reading and the mention of the fragrence lingering when the heart has gone

    Helen xx

  4. wow. such a powerful reading, and it brought you to finding traces in this perfect day.

    many kisses on the wind to you and the cat boys!!


  5. Magic is the beautiful way to your everyday, I can totally see the hummingbird. And I totally feel your presence on this earth. Hearts to you and the beauteous cat boys! I hope your having a fun weekend! Xo's

  6. a lacework of words and images; ahhh; i feel soothed when i read your posts

  7. Great capture with that hummingbird pic!!

  8. Thank you for this Mona...
    A perfect start to March.
    xo to all of you!

  9. You have a gift for photography, Mona! Hope your Monday gets off to a great start! xx

  10. We leave traces of ourselves... What a beautiful thought... traces of love.

    I'm sorry I've been away. Just too dang busy. Not enough hours. The weather is getting better here and I was able to send most of yesterday in the garden which is in desperate need of tidying. My garden cat spent his time perched on the catnip sleeping. :)

    Please thank the boys for the tree bouquet. It's beautiful!

  11. Dear Mette, you always compliment us and that encourages us...I think I need a special camera to do better...I miss many special moments, a happy March to you too...xx

    prairiegirl-thank you ...yes, some people do xx

    helen- sending you love xx

    marie- yes, looking for traces everywhere : ) xxx

    ShannonAnn- magic everywhere, isn't that the truth...wishing you a beautifully magical March xx

    Miss Gnat- you are too lovely for words xo

    Optimist- thank you...I really wish I could capture the thrill it gives us each time we see that bird..happy march to you

    Dee- your visits make us all smile xxx

    Annechovie- great to see you and thank you...happy March to you xx

    Marilia- merci merci xx

    Grace- I will thank the boys for the tree bouquet...and thank you for your visit...I know we are all too is not getting any lighter xoxo