Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It was a beautiful day...

The air was not so cold, not so hot, humidity was low, cat boys were static.  The cat fields were mowed to prepare for human landscaping.  I did not let them sense my lack of enthusiasm.
We roamed.  I looked up at the skies trying to better immerse myself in the serenity of that little space.
Light shone through bright and multicolored...
cat boys went for a nose kiss, their shadows following faithfully.
The light poured in in abundance...the surroundings became soft....the dry land was their Serengeti.
They were two each, more of them to love, clear, shiny.
He moved in long strides to match his shadow.

I was reminded of this quote:

"Where there is much light, the shadow is deep."  (Ludwig van Goethe)

What do you think of this?  What does it mean to you?  We love light, do you too?

Cat boys and their shadows sent pawfuls of kisses to you.

Ciao everyone.


  1. a beautiful day in the light, for you, and for the boys.

    as a "by the way"....i saw these quotes today and thought of you:
    light is sweet.
    [ecclesiastes 11:7]

    all winged things are flying, they live when you have shone on them.
    [poem to the sun, ancient egypt]

    much love and light to you and the boys!

  2. I'd like to park myself under those trees today :).

  3. I'm fortunate to see shadows almost everyday here. Thank you, Sun. I can't imagine living somewhere with it grey, and no sunlight, no shadow.
    I like the new view of your outing with the boys.
    It sure looks peaceful there.

  4. marie- what a great quote and how sweet to be thought of...sending you love and rays of sun xxx

    Hannah- you are welcome to it....I wish you were here and would craft a lovely poem about this land : )

    prairiegirl- I like your take...I would hate to not see shadows because it implied no sun...it is peaceful at times xoxo

    Marilia- hello cat friend ,,,sending hugs and kisses

    optimistic- I love that shot too...makes me feel I have super eyes that can see quanta of light : )
    wishing you a great day

  5. Ah, the delicacy of your observance and prose - love the quote; yes true probably on all dimensions; high regards and love, e

  6. eptorneh 8926hmmm ... great light, great contrasts - can be good, but alså too much ... but never enough of those nose kisses! :D and those lovely long strides - is he practising for the catwalk? ;)

  7. Glorious Gnat...thank you for your love and encouragementxx

    Nancy- he is preparing for the catwalk hee hee xx