Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Overcast skies be gone

Today is overcast and I feel foggy in my head. It is sort of a mental vacation, I like to play with cat boys more than ever before for reasons unknown to myself.

Last Sunday, the SuperBowl Sunday, was a delightful day, sunny after another day of cloudy skies, the sun was bright and smiling, the temperatures were just so perfect for both cats and humans.

I put Ollie on the high walls of the condo back yard and watched him walk around proudly, he jumped from one level
to the other, his gait musical, his expressions

An experience like this nearly always tickles his appetite and so he presented himself to me for
some noms, which he enjoyed.
Moments later he was staring into the yonderland with his little tongue a little bit out.  (so cute)
Sunning himself on the other wall was Mr Sweet Pants, chest open to absorb those tantalizing rays
while above his head a parrot was keenly watching him.
He felt the gaze on his back and shifted.

We reflected together on this from the Hidden Words.

O Son of Man!
Rejoice in the gladness of thine heart that thou mayest be worthy to meet Me and to show forth My beauty.

We each had rejoiced in the gladness of our hearts that afternoon during those fleeting moments.  We wondered about His beauty.

Cat boys wished you quanta of light, gentle temps, parrots above your heads, and noms on your walls.

Ciao everyone!


  1. kitty kisses back to the fabulous felines! xx K

  2. Fabulous shot of Mr. Sweet Pants. Those eyes! But not to feel left out, that's a pretty cute one of Mr. Puffy Pants with that little pink tongue showing.

  3. I agree with Sanda! Gorgeous photos and the pink tongue slightly visible: too cute!
    Joining in on your wish for the grey skies to bereplaced with sunshine. Big sigh!

  4. You guys are in paradise!

    Kisses to you all...

    {Love sphinx~ish MSP pose...what a puss!}

  5. kerin- and kitty kisses to you xx

    sanda- thank you thank you...I think all felines are adorable : )

    marie- xoxo

    anna- the boys say thank you....our grey skies are back but not too cold at least...grey go away xx

    Dee- kisses to you xx

  6. & yesterday mine, too, was foggy while today is bright & purrfect...a calm before a storm, i read?!

    Oh those beautiful cat boys would surely keep all my days worthy & bright!

  7. I do wish I had parrots above my head!
    That tiny little bit of tongue sticking out is the sweetest, cutest thing!

    I wish I could play with your cats!They are just so... BEAUTIFUL!

    PS; it's still very cold here... still snowing, yesterday... not much chance of getting sny sun. Your garden looks sunny and warm.



  8. Nancy-I hear there is a storm heading your way too...stock up on tea and necessities...we are alternating between dark and sun...xx

    Anna-these parrots are amazing, there are hundreds of them! I know our cats would love playing with you...wishing you sunshine soon.xx

  9. The exotic jungleness of the patio. Lions and tigers and...parrots?
    When it's overcast I feel foggy too. So closed in. I get what they call S.A.D. It's real for me.
    The goings on in your world brighten my day!

  10. We live in totally different climates with our furry ones.
    Wondering what about changing places?
    Your photography can´t get better!!!

  11. That looks so wonderful! the sun, the adorable cat boys and those trees. Beautiful.

  12. Sooo cute! aww, you must cuddle your boys from me! :D