Wednesday, February 13, 2013


My camera has become fuzzy, maybe because I carry it in my pockets with cat treats and sunflower seeds for the squirrels, or because certain cats like to lick the lens or tap it when I want to take their pictures.  Needless to say that the photos could be much better... soon I hope.

Here are a few photographs of this morning....
Two brave hearts scoping the area before they venture out to the wild back yard...
Gingerella, uninhibitied, immediately fell on his side after a good whiff of catnip.
Sweet Pants, reserved, finally succumbed to the intoxicating effects of catnip.
Catnip worn off, Mr Puffy Pants was ready for the next adventure.
Mr Sweet Pants wondered what was on the agenda too.
I had to go to work, maybe today two cats would accompany me I wondered.
Unrelated to the events of early morning cat boys and I spontaneously decided to read something and reflect upon it during the day.  This is what we read:

"Moreover, these members, these elements, this composition, which are found in the organism of man, are an attraction and magnet for the spirit; it is certain that the spirit will appear in it.  So a mirror which is clear will certainly attract the rays of the sun.  It will become luminous, and wonderful images will appear in it- that is to say, when these existing elements are gathered together according to the natural order, and with perfect strength, they become a magnet for the spirit, and the spirit will become manifest in them with all its perfections." (Some Answered Questions)

I immediately realized that with me were two spiritual perfections clothed in furry outfits and I knew my day would be entirely extraordinaire.  This is not surprising because truly February is an extraordinary month.

Some people fast, some only think about it.  Some winters are on the way out, some are lingering tenaciously before they are kicked out.  Some springs have already begun, and others are promising to come with a bang of wild flowers and bird songs.  There is so much to do at work, there is so much to do everywhere, we can only remind ourselves to live in the moment as the spiritual beings that we were created to be.

Cat boys filled their paws with kisses and blew them in the air for you.

Ciao everyone!


  1. love this: "a magnet for the spirit."

    love and kisses to you all on this valentine's day....

  2. Your words, these gentleing words, are as intoxicating as catnip is to Gingerella (yer killin' me!) and Sweetpants.
    Love what you say about what February brings. It really is a finicky month, isn't it? For instance, it's snowing like crazy here, keeping the daffodils down just awhile longer.
    The three of you have stolen my heart today! XO

  3. marie- me too...what an incredible concept of creation xx

    prairiegirl- thank you...I laugh every time I call him Gingerella...ha ha sending you love and kisses