Friday, July 26, 2013

And they heard music...

This morning I was thinking of the Sunshine Award bestowed on me by the loveliest Alaskan friend.  Cat boys know her all too well...they remember the salmon.

It was hard to think of 10 things about me when in front of me two soft cat boys danced to their own music...little steps and movements,
little grooming and glancing,
a little of this
and a little of that.
Augustus, Mr Sweet Pants, was admiring
Gingerella's Puffy Pants!

So here are 10 things in random order of significance to myself:

1. my favorite place would be near an ocean or sea with the big cat, Sylvester, and the two Misters
2. my favorite color would have to be blue
3. my first pet was a german shepherd mix, loved him
4.  I was most allergic to cats until I fell in love with them
5.  I love the smell and sound of dry cat food
6. my favorite comfort food is black tea and dry water crackers, a little jam would go well of course
7.  I love humor...clean, clever, quirky
8.  I am social but get tired of people easily
9.  I don't like using I and here am using I all the time
10.  I love independence

Thank you pencilfox for giving us your Sunshine.

Catboys were reflecting on this while I was talking about myself:

People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning to life. I don’t think that is what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is… the rapture of being alive. (Joseph Campbell)

They sent you all heartfelt weekend wishes, cat kisses, and music...

Ciao everyone!


  1. Hi,

    Wish I could stretch like your cat boys. No chance.
    Well, you revealed interesting details of yourself.
    I´d never had thought blue being your favorite color.
    And your treats so humble ; ).
    Social, but getting tired of people easily.. Does that concern everyone you meet?
    I am a bit suspicious about new people ( some bad experiences ), so I keep a door open for a quick flee, just in case.
    Enjoy the weekend & air kisses for the boys!

  2. Mette...I wish I could stretch like them too. Once I started thinking I realized I could share a lot but then ... I love most shades of blue, especially mediterranean, prussian, azure, I now think I love all shades of blue.

    I like people in general...I think it concerns everyone...I lived alone for a long time and too much people noise tires me.

    Wishing you a great weekend too. xx

  3. Come to think of it, none of your top ten surprises me.
    Funny how well we can know someone, without meeting them face to face.
    You didn't mention unique, lovely and kind. But then, we all know these things.
    Do you prefer Science Diet?
    And I'm with you all the way, when it comes to #8.

  4. you're so funny-cute. i love you and all ten things about you. especially that you like cat food. angelo's cat food really appeals to me, too. but then, i eat salmon almost every day of my life, so i must be part-cat.

    that quote. you always have the best quotes and readings.

    happy day to you!
    you are my sunshine!!


  5. Prairiegirl- smiling at your lovely comments...I love the smoked salmon, herring, sweet potato recipe : )


    marie- I know you are part cat : ) and thank you for being so adorable xxx