Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Middle of July

is really a good time for just about anything.

The white roses in the complex bloom and re-bloom.
 Last weekend, one Mr Sweet Pants was enjoying the rare serenity that lingered in our complex.
 The silence was interrupted only by the chirping of birds who were singing in the distant skies.
 When I looked at him with love he bashfully closed his eyes.
On the other side of the rose patch, Gingerella or Mr Puffy Pants was pretending to be in a boat, I know, because he has been craving anchovies lately.
He too enjoyed the singing of the birds although at that instant he was hoping to hear the flipping about of gold fish.  He was remembering last year when he'd eaten the neighbors gold fish, which we had to resupply, naturally.
When I looked straight into his eyes, he gave me this look which I could not interpret.
Middle of July truly can truly be good all by itself.  Plants and trees are in full bloom where we are, there are farmer's markets all over selling the ripest and most lovely fruits and vegetables, and the ocean is nearby probably smelling of salt mist.  No layers of clothing, all open windows and open doors.  There is so much we love about summers...perhaps it is really the openness, that our living room becomes an extension of the outside, that our hearts want to leap out and play.

That same weekend I went to a talk by a renowned architect who spoke of Beauty, of that ineffable beauty that transcends senses, that beauty that is of divine and within each one of us. So, I decided to share this quote with the cat boys only because it addressed the reader as "O Son of Beauty".

O SON OF BEAUTY!By My spirit and by My favor! By My mercy and by My beauty! All that I have revealed unto thee with the tongue of power, and have written for thee with the pen of might, hath been in accordance with thy capacity and understanding, not with My state and the melody of My voice. (The Hidden Words)

Cat boys wished you a beautiful middle of July.  They sent pawfuls of kisses.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Oh my!!! I saw his lotus temple in India! Well, not in person, but in a lovely photograph! Must have been an interesting talk, this talk of beauty and buildings.
    That goldfish story has got me laughing out loud! Oh, puffy pants. How could you?! He's just so darn cute though. That face.
    Blooming white roses? Enjoy that heavenly scent.
    And your salty air summer breezes blowing through your open door. ;)

  2. Lynn: I heard his talk on the Lotus temple too, a different time. He was incredible...he spoke of that beauty in all of us that transcends the tangible and how he tries to capture it in buildings.
    Yes, the goldfish story is true. One day last year our neighbors came to us and reported what Ollie had been up to.
    So good to see you xxx

  3. The colors of the sunsets in July are spectacular and the air is laced with perfume, and the general feeling of well-being is ever present. I'm so glad you and the cat boys are enjoying all your moments! Xo's

  4. wow. you had me at "the openness....the living room an extension of the outside...."

    and your hearts, leaping out to play. are you part cat???

    love and kisses to all....


  5. Beautiful roses and kitties. The birds are chirping so loudly here that my cats go nuts in the mornings--they love it.

  6. We have installed a fish pond and stocked it with 20 tiny goldfish. I had wondered if the four cats with whom we share our property would get interested once the fish are large enough to "see." I think you just answered my question!! Your cats are just beautiful!

  7. Ollie looks like an unlikely rebel but a cat must do his cat business,look out goldfish!

    I love the second picture, so content on the verge of one of the zillion naps of the day.

    Unfortunately my flash player doesn't work so I couldn't see your architect but a good way to spend the time, inspirational I'm sure.

    Happy summering...xoox

  8. Hi Mona, you're so right. I wish we could have the middle of July always. It's so pleasant with everything blooming and buzzing. Your cat boys look equally delighted as we humans feel. Please give them my love.