Monday, July 26, 2010

Attraction to Beauty...

When I told the cat boys about this course I was planning to audit, naturally I got their attention; that's because they are really interested in my education!

Gussy asked me to read a passage to him as I was flipping through the materials, and sat down in a comfy location.

Ollie, whom we call "Boomba" today, decided that he would listen in a standing position. This way he can run away if things got boring.

So we read a paragraph from a chapter called "Attraction to Beauty":

" One of the basic forces that strengthens an individual's sense of purpose, and which lends it proper direction, is attraction to beauty. Beauty and perfection act as standards, as guiding lights by which one is able to judge one's own behavior. On one level this attraction manifests itself in love for the majesty and diversity of nature; the impulse to express beauty through the visual arts, music, and crafts; and the pleasure of beholding the fruits of these creative endeavors. It also stirs within the human heart emotions in response to the beauty of an idea, the elegance of a scientific theory, and the perfection of character in one's fellow human beings. On another level, attraction to beauty underlies search for order and meaning in the universe and in social relations. On an even more fundamental level, this attraction is directed towards the Beauty of the Creator."(A Discourse on Social Action-FUNDEAC)

Upon reading this, Gussy took me to the back yard to show me

his collection of beautiful pine cones...

and Boomba simply sat pretty, which is enough for us!

Cat boys filled their paws with kitty kisses and blew them in the air with their heartfelt best wishes for everyone!



  1. ...and true beauty is so often confused and overlooked.

    A wonderful bit of inspiration to remind me of my purpose...

    Thank you MLJ. And the boys too of course!

  2. A good reminder for me in particular and the boys and I love your visits Andrea! xoxoxo

  3. That course sounds EXCELLENT!! :)

    Your cat is a great curator of pine cones. It made me think of bower birds...about how they collect items that they find beautiful for their nests to attract others...very sweet.

  4. have a good trip - i look forward to your return! who sits on the kitties while you're gone?

  5. Hannah- the course really is awesome, I only have to commit to reading and writing 1-2 hours a day! Augustus is a curator, I will let him read your comment. : )

    UptownDowntown- Sylvester, the big cat, their daddy, will watch over them...they are already excited about turning the joint into a messy bachelor pad!