Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer in the City

is hot and humid...

Cat boys realize that it is not a good time to wear fur! But what can they do?

Better to go indoors...
to cool the belly!
Maybe the patio is cool....
and maybe not so cool!

Exhausted with heat kitty boys hummed this tune!

Stay cool and grab those kitty kisses that the hot and tired boys sent your way! Have a lovely weekend!



  1. ...listening to a little Joe Cocker keeps me & PuCat real cooooool in the midst of all this heat...

  2. I gave my Inkey a lion cut one summer. I did it because I thought it would be cooler for him. He hated it. He looked so humiliated. I never did it again. He clearly prized his gorgeous mane over his comfort.
    Hope you and the kitties are keeping cool.xo

  3. I love Joe Cocker Nancy...

    LBR...I agree, Ollie would not forgive me, he will just have to fan his belly. I keep his paws and nose cool with cool cloth.


  4. that is no easy tune to hum!
    i really feel for the furrier friends in this weather (it's the same on both coasts).

  5. Very hot here, too and I am so glad I don't have fur! Have a great week. xo