Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not quite sure what to make of this...

however, I do believe that when three dudes spend two weeks together in a bachelor pad, they may do something like this....

A lot of relaxation is happening there, don't you agree?

In the early evening hours, dudes and I went to our backyard meeting place to shoot the breeze.
Augustus was in a reflective mood

while Ollie was busy investigating!
I told Augustus that sometimes it feels that the days are frozen and everyday is a repeat of the previous one. He gave me the look that said you ought to know better.

He asked me to think about this: "The radioactive phosphorus content of the cerebrum of the rat decreases to one-half in a period of two weeks." What did that mean to me?

I knew what the sly kitty was up to- it meant that the phosphorus in his brain and mine were not the same as it was two weeks ago, before my trip. My brain and his were renewed during this short time, and yet, as my atoms were being replaced they passed along critical information so that we, he and I, still remember how we interacted before and yet we were renewed.

He assured me that one day would not be the same as the other no matter how much they appeared to be so! That blew Ollie's mind away..."What?!!", he meowed silently!

Since Gussie had such profound thoughts I also asked him to select our daily read which was:

"The test of existence is motion. An object which has in itself the power of motion lives. If motion is withheld growth ceases. That is mortality.

There are different degrees of motion. There is a motion of transit, that is from place to place. For example, the revolution of the earth around the sun; a bird flies from branch to branch. Another kind is the motion of inherent growth, like that of man from the condition of childhood to the estate of manhood, or the development of a tree from the seedling to its full fruition. The third is the motion of condition - the sick man passes from the stage of sickness to the state of health. The fourth motion is that of the spirit. For instance, the child while in the mother's womb has all the potential qualities of the spirit, but those qualities begin to unfold little by little as the child is born and grows and develops, finally manifesting all the attributes and qualities of the spirit. The fifth is the motion of the intellect whereby the ignorant become wise; the indifferent, alert; the dark, illuminated and the carnally-minded, spiritual. The sixth motion is that of the eternal essence. That is to say, all phenomena either step forth from the arena of non-existence into non-existence. Just as being in motion is the test of life, so being stationary is the test of death and when a moving object stops it retrogrades. To stop means to fall. ..

In other words, man must throughout all the degrees of life evolve and progress day unto day, for life is continuous. The manifestors of divine law have appeared so that they may confer upon man an ideal power which will enable him to advance along all the degrees of human attainment... "
Divine Philosophy

Well, that about does it for this kitty mom...Gussy and Ollie filled their paws with kisses and blew them in air! May some of those kisses land on your faces!



  1. Do inanimate objects exist? They are not alive, they have no power of motion yet they are here...An interesting talk you've all had! I am thinking...
    Much love and kisses to you's!

  2. Very interesting talk indeed! What a great post!
    Health and happiness to you and yours,

  3. Dear Andrea, Augustus says that inanimate objects do exist...he pointed out that the electrons and neutrons and all the subatomic particles are in constant motion... He is so precious, our little chemist cat!

    Love and kisses to you and to Angela!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Mona. I hope all is well. xx

  5. Ollie's relaxation pose destroys me. It is impossible for him to be any cuter. Please kiss his tummy for me at your earliest convenience.

  6. He uses his cuteness to get his way... : ) and he invites you to rub his belly!