Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Wednesday Meeting...

We went out and sat in the shade, I noticed the pigeons practicing flying.
I looked at El Senor Dulce Pantalones to see what was it that he was trying to tell me...
and I understood that he said "Read my thoughts".
El Senor Hinchados Pantalones said, "Read my thoughts too!"
I took a chance and decided to read this to them:

"In contemplating the supreme importance of the task now challenging the entire world, we bow our heads in humility before the awesome majesty of the divine Creator, Who out of His infinite love has created all humanity from the same stock; exalted the gem-like reality of man; honoured it with intellect and wisdom, nobility and immortality; and conferred upon man the "unique distinction and capacity to know Him and to love Him", a capacity that "must needs be regarded as the generating impulse and the primary purpose underlying the whole of creation."

We hold firmly the conviction that all human beings have been created "to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization"; that "to act like the beasts of the field is unworthy of man"; that the virtues that befit human dignity are trustworthiness, forbearance, mercy, compassion and loving-kindness towards all peoples. We reaffirm the belief that the "potentialities inherent in the station of man, the full measure of his destiny on earth, the innate excellence of his reality, must all be manifested in this promised Day of God." These are the motivations for our unshakeable faith that unity and peace are the attainable goal towards which humanity is striving."
(The Promise of World Peace_1985)

They did not object to the reading and I felt good and asked them to gather for collective kiss making.

Here they are now preparing to make kisses to send your way along with their best wishes...
There they go...

Ciao everyone!


  1. So funny how the pigeons line up! Have a great day, Mona! xo

  2. Thank you Anne...I need a good day to get a lot of things done! xo

  3. Sphinxy boys.

    Hope you having a wonderful day today.

  4. So observant Hannah...they are sphinxy and more! I am having instrumental issues but that is only normal for me. : )

  5. PuCat is...well, i can only imagine he would be, because everytime a winged creature flies by our windows, & you know, here in the Great city of NY, many winged creatures can fly by your windows...but i digress...
    such a birder (he might put Farley to shame, sorry Plume!)...that the title of this story would read...
    & then there were none.

    you have such respectful & good cat boys!


  6. Adorable as always. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Mrs.

    I'm remembering your gorgeous cat eyes!

    xo Ro

  7. Nancy- well thank you, our dudes are quite respectable, they do a vibrating type of song when they see birds!! Great to see you!

    Ro- hope you have a great weekend...sending you love xoxo

  8. You had perfect timing ( as always ). I´ve never seen a pigeon picture like your´s before. Great!