Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What cats want to read in August...

Glancing from the corner of my eyes I noted our Ginger philosopher, Mr Puffy Pants.
Augustus was looking up at the last remnants of the August skies through the thick leaf cover of the potted tree where he likes to lounge in the hot summer days.
Standing right next to him I looked up to see what he saw and then looked down to see what I would see.
I saw our very own Mr Sweet Pants, named Augustus after the month he appeared out of the wish land into our realities.

As we formally close on another August cat boys appear enigmatic! I sensed that some reading would focus their mental energies.
They thought that I had a splendid idea.

"All praise to ...the incomparable and all-glorious Ruler of the universe, Who, out of utter nothingness, hath created the reality of all things, Who, from naught, hath brought into being the most refined and subtle elements of His creation, and Who, rescuing His creatures from the abasement of remoteness and the perils of ultimate extinction, hath received them into His kingdom of incorruptible glory. Nothing short of His all-encompassing grace, His all-pervading mercy, could have possibly achieved it. How could it, otherwise, have been possible for sheer nothingness to have acquired by itself the worthiness and capacity to emerge from its state of non-existence into the realm of being?" (Gleanings)

I thought about doodle cats who appeared out of a wish into our realms and I was grateful. Ollie asked if he could go to an ashram to find some goldfish and I told him that he would not find any there. Apparently his mind was on something else.

Doodle cats made kisses and blew them in the air for your last August 2011 day.


  1. Maybe you could read them Cats Cradle? .....just a suggestion.

    Happy last scraps of August!


  2. Cute kitten and groovy blog:) Thanks for visiting my site:)

  3. Ro- I think they will love Cat's Cradle.... XOXO

    Mark- Thank you! We shall visit again.

  4. sweet cats, I do love them, thanks for visiting my page!

  5. Amanda- say meow meow roar roar to that gorgeous Harley! xoxo

    Line- thank you!

  6. I really like the shots of Augustus relaxing in the planter. No worries.

  7. Susan, I agree, he is an observer, he always plants himself in a pot or on a ledge and observes. I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend. Augustus sends you special kisses! xox

  8. I've only been on holiday for a week but I've missed reading about mr puffy and mr sweet! Paw kisses from Detroit!

  9. what a grand reading.
    no wonder the boys are so bright and wonderful....


  10. Happy Labor Day weekend...don't let those boys work you too hard now...

  11. Hello

    Mr Puffy Pants and Mr Sweet Pants seem to have a reverend respect for the Ruler of the Universe and also their caregiver. I love at how intently they listen
    To a great September Helen xx