Thursday, March 22, 2012

I wonder what next week would be like...

Kitty mom will be off to the other side of the country..for work...leaving behind two rascal cat boys with Sylvester, the big cat.
I feel SweetPants is already planning his activities for the week
and Puffy Pants could not wait long enough to get started...more surprised I could not be!

After sharing with them the dos and don'ts for the week, such as, make the bed, don't eat too many snacks, leave the mailman alone, make sure to read, etc, I read to them this:

"It behoveth them that are endued with insight and understanding to observe that which will cause joy and radiance." (Words of Paradise)

Cat boys promised to send kisses a few times during the week and we all wished you joy and radiance every day.

Ciao everyone!


  1. there will be lots of naughtiness!

  2. I'm sure they will be very good boys, will make the beds and do the washing up. And they will also do lots of reading...

    The mailman... not sure about that one! Is his name Jerry?




  3. Joy and radiance back to all of you. Be safe.

  4. HAHha!
    i always tell angelo:
    make the bed.
    brush your teeth.
    be kind the to the dogs.


  5. Where is Sylvester?
    I´m late. You will be back this week!
    Hope you had a good trip and hopefully the home is not in a " terrible " mess ; )!!

  6. oh the house will be spotless! they'll do a better job than you, even, I'm sure. I bet they're planning your welcome back party already :D

  7. Have a wonderful trip Mona! Does this mean you will be closer to my neck of the woods?

  8. I hope that you had a safe and pleasant trip and that the boys behaved themselves in your absence!
    Have a good week! xo