Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Music and Cats...really?

I know you won't believe me but this plain old tree was alive with a multitude of tiny chirping birds this morning. You may be able to spot one or two if you look hard for them.

We sat still to let the notes soak in...

I meant to say that two of us sat still to the music soak in and one of us (it would be furry and orange) took to singing!

I have this feeling that Albert Schweitzer used to live here way back when and he got moved to say:

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”

Happy Spring to you all with cat kisses and musical notes!



  1. I'm so so happy it's finally spring! It's so wonderful to be done and over with winter dreariness, isn't it?
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. I am sure you feel that way Ana...we did not have any winter!! Happy Spring to you! xx

  3. totally agree: music and CATS.

  4. Happy Spring to you and the boys!

  5. marie- I know you would understand... xx

    Shannon-Ann- thank you and happy spring to YOU xx