Tuesday, March 13, 2012

searching for delights...

In the layers of the space around us we sometimes find manifest delights, sometimes seated
but not for very long...we three give three sighs when she flies up
and back. Whew!

Further down dividing the sky above from the ground below there is a straight hedge frequently filled with squirrels and little itty bitty chirpy birds. They come through at different times. Now it is only the sun that is sitting on the top layer...quiet nothingness but still pretty.
The treasures appear more further down, a slanky Mr Sweet Pants and a not so slanky Mr Puffy Pants who thinks he is in danger, he'd better hide himself in this game.
I am surprised and yet entertained that Gusser has to come closer
and closer to see better, one step at a time.
Fallen into his own trap, Ollie knows that there is no way out unless he becomes creative, fast.
He quickly assumes the posture of a meditating cat monk from outer space to confuse Gusser. This actually worked.
Whew...what a relief!
Our brief meditation was on this:

"The understanding of His words and the comprehension of the utterances of the Birds of Heaven are in no wise dependent upon human learning. They depend solely upon purity of heart, chastity of soul, and freedom of spirit. This is evidenced by those who, today, though without a single letter of the accepted standards of learning, are occupying the loftiest seats of knowledge; and the garden of their hearts is adorned, through the showers of divine grace, with the roses of wisdom and the tulips of understanding. Well is it with the sincere in heart for their share of the light of a mighty Day!" (Book of Certitude)

Thankfully, their hearts are pure, their souls chaste and they do have free spirits. Cat kisses were sent in pawfuls. Happy second week of March!



  1. While not exactly, Loving Thy Neighbor, there is merit in tolerating one another, as your cat photos so aptly teach. Hugs and kisses to you too!

  2. oh HAHha!
    meditating cat monk ollie.
    investigator augustus.
    life is never dull in your neighbourhood....


  3. Ollie is so monkish.

    There is a show on Animal Planet called "Too Cute"---I highly recommend it to you (just be prepared to say "AWWWW" for the whole thing). Lots of little cute kitties!

    Hope you are having a wonderful spring.

  4. Grace- you remind me of the quote that says something like I love humanity, it is people I cannot stand...even tolerating can be sometimes challenging...sending you love!

    fox- yes, he is a cat monk, in the early days he wanted to join an ashram!!! xx

    Hannah- I am willing to say "AWWWW" for a long time, just to balance my days. I only have to do it privately because cat boys get jealous. Thank you for your lovely poems that tickle my heart.