Sunday, May 10, 2009

Let's talk...or not?

Last week I was fed up, you know one of those moods when you allow things to get to you while there are those weeks that you can just roll with all punches. I wanted to discuss this with the cats. As I would have expected it, Augs sat down, all attention, but little ging, Ollie bird, decided to take off. He later told me that he is too young to understand even though his full physique leads everyone to think that he is mature.

Augs listened carefully, mommy complaining, being dissatisfied with progress, annoyed by people...He invited me to share his afternoon zen naps, which I did by the way (and it did me a world of good). Then he reminded me of this passage that he knows by heart (naturellement!):

The Blessed Beauty (Baha'u'llah) often remarked: There are four qualities which I love to see manifested in people: First, enthusiasm and courage; second, a face wreathed in smiles and a radiant countenance; third, that they see all things with their own eyes and not through the eyes of others; fourth, the ability to carry a task, once begun, through to its end.

I pondered, and totally agreed, and thought that those had to be the focus of my efforts, not people or things. Well, this brings tears to my eyes that our little cat is so very very wise while being so very very young and innocent. What could I ask for more?

You may send your difficult questions to Augs anytime. I am sure he will try very hard to be helpful. Meanwhile keep that radiant countenance going and "COURAGE" (say it in french, it is more emphatic)


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