Friday, May 29, 2009

Since you asked...

Some people (including my very own Veterinarian of the Year father-in-law) have been impressed with the development of our cats. Though I believe the first ingredient in their development is the oodles of love that my husband and I give to them, physical food has played a role as well.

Little August who was bottle fed with goat's milk only likes dry food. And per recommendation of the vet-of-the year always ate Science Diet. I then started messing with his diet and buying the all-natural, no corn-meal, the ancient feline diet, and the little baby developed allergies and had to get allergy shots. We are back to Science Diet and sometimes Wellness. He does not like wet food (actually vomits) and no treats. I wish I ate more like him.

And, he went from looking like this:

to looking like this:

He is now 1 year and 9 months old.

Ollie, whom we got when he was several months old is a gourmand. He eats wet food (only select) morning and night and dry num nums during the day. I get him the low-fat Wellness that he and Augustus both like.

These Kitty Nums can only be purchased from the Paw Boutique in our neighborhood.

Ollie needs a lot of treats and here's an assortment:

He likes fresh salad, and I make that for him all the time. (Armstrong Cat Grass=oats)

And he used to be slightly smaller than shown in this picture:

Yes, you guessed it. Ollie does not skip any meals if at all possible!

He is fast and furious!

And another day I will tell you about their grooming habits, the brushing, washing of their little chins with Neutrogena acne wash, and brushing of their sharp teeth with chicken-flavored toothpaste!

That's a wrap for today.

Happy weekend everyone!

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