Tuesday, January 5, 2010

L'Art Divin de Vivre

Ollie is off to work, no hesitation in his gait,

and Augustus is already seated at his desk! He does customer service on certain days.

While those two were ready, set, go, their mommie cat had only dipped her toes into 2010. I was a warrior last night, in my dreams; holding a baton I was fighting off coyotes fearlessly. During daytime I had to use squirrel mail because my Mac was refusing to get into 2010. I found myself undevoted to giving my days to work and nights to extra-curricular activities, and that feeling suddenly parted...

The cat boys and I got into a huddle and read this:

Voyons maintenant vos questions : "Pourquoi prier ?" "Qu'y a-t-il de sage à cela, puisque Dieu a tout arrangé dans le meilleur ordre possible ? Puisqu'Il a tout ordonné d'une façon judicieuse, et, avec la plus grande perfection, a mis chaque chose à la place qui lui convient le mieux ? A quoi bon, dès lors, prier, implorer, exposer ses besoins et demander assistance? ".

Sache, en vérité, qu'il convient au faible, de demander l'aide du Fort, et qu'à celui qui cherche l'infinie bonté, il appartient de supplier le Glorieux, le Généreux.

Lorsque l'on implore son Seigneur, que l'on se tourne vers Lui, que l'on recherche les grâces de Son Océan, cette supplication est déjà, par elle-même, une lumière pour le coeur, une illumination pour les yeux, une source vivifiante pour l'âme et une exaltation pour l'être tout entier.

L'art divin de vivre-==> Verset: 13.2-==> Verset: 13.3

or in English:

Another correspondent asked: “Why pray? What is the wisdom thereof, for God has established everything and executes all affairs after the best order—therefore, what is the wisdom in beseeching and supplicating and in stating one’s wants and seeking help?”

"Know thou, verily it is becoming in a weak one to supplicate to the Strong One, and it behooveth a seeker of bounty to beseech the Glorious Bountiful One. When one supplicates to his Lord, turns to Him and seeks bounty from His Ocean, this supplication brings light to his heart, illumination to his sight, life to his soul and exaltation to his being.

So here it is, 2010, may it be blessed with remembrances of the divine kind. The cat boys meow adieu and blow little kisses with their paws!



  1. What a wonderful argument in favor of prayer, and of course, the kittehs!!!! :)


  2. What are you doing up at this hour? I hope just dreaming new beautiful designs : )


  3. Ollie must like his job:

    profession of choice for a cat...

    Rodent Extermination
    Cat claw carvings, if artistically inclined
    Manager {with fresh cup of cream to hold while watching the workers progress}

    oh, I'll keep on contemplating what he is up to:)

  4. I will tell you what Ollie likes to do:

    rodent extermination
    bird control
    sewer guard
    airport luggage inspection
    dairy inspector, shoot milk straight into his mouth
    in arts- he prefers opera, and drama

    : )

    I wish I had his enthusiasm...

    Lovely to see you!

  5. lol, your photos and commentary of the cat boys always make me laugh. I love visiting your blog to see what they'll be doing next. They are positively huggable.

  6. Looks like you and the cat boys are having a good year so far! xo