Sunday, January 24, 2010

Undaunted resolution...

The past weekend was a busy one for Ollie. I would catch him going this way

and that. He did not share what he was up to!

We barely had time to get together and read but we finally managed to squeeze in a few moments

to read this:

Communities that thrive and prosper in this future will do so because they acknowledge the spiritual dimension of human nature and make the moral, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the individual a central priority. They will guarantee freedom of religion and encourage the establishment of places of worship. Their centers of learning will seek to cultivate the limitless potentialities latent in human consciousness and will pursue as a major goal the participation of all peoples in generating and applying knowledge. Remembering at all times that the interests of the individual and of society are inseparable, these communities will promote respect for both rights and responsibilities, will foster the equality and partnership of women and men, and will protect and nurture families. They will promote beauty, natural and man-made, and will incorporate into their design, principles of environmental preservation and rehabilitation. Guided by the concept of unity in diversity, they will support widespread participation in the affairs of society, and will increasingly turn to leaders who are motivated by the desire to serve. In these communities the fruits of science and technology will benefit the whole society, and work will be available for all. (BIC-Spirituality in Development)

August and Ollie later discussed the reading amongst themselves!

I was blown away! No task is too big for a pair of supercats, they possess undaunted courage and resolution and naturally take on the most challenging tasks,

and they do it with composure and super calmness, even delight and enjoyment!

We three wish all a brand new lovely week. August and Ols blow cat kisses your way with their little paws!



  1. Maybe Ollie is rounding up a congregation?,}

    I can so see that sweet cat be a leader of light:)


  2. Come to think of it, he does meow a lot using different tonalities and a lot of emotion. And he does pay home visits to some neighborhood cats just to say hi.
    I will call him a leader of light to see his reactions : )


  3. Great thoughts!

    THanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. Lovely Woman,

    Can you send some of that sunlight up this way??? :)
    Lovely reading, as always!


  5. They really are quietly discussing in that picture, aren't they. So cute. Kisses back to them.

  6. Allison, We were ready to shoot some sun rays your way and it turned into more time I will act more quickly.

    Alicia- they do discuss, sometimes they plot behind my back too!

    : )

  7. ADORABLE cats!!! I have two new kittens and they are soooo much FUN to watch!