Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This is a first for young Augustus and Ollie (and kitty mommie), to become recipients of the 'Kreative Blogger Award'. As I woke them up from their afternoon nap to give them the news, they started blowing little cat kisses to lovely Anne Harwell of Annechovie. Thank you Anne so very much!

A freshly awakened Augustus poses for his blog lovely he is!

A slowly waking Ollie is giving me the look...

Still trying to wake up...

Alright, now he is up and posing for his blog photo.

The awardee(s) is(are) supposed to share 7 things about themselves and nominate 7 more; so here we go, seven things among the three of us because only one of us can type.

1. This is such a grand secret, I may live to regret it for the rest of my living days. I covered their ears for this. I played the accordion for 10 years or more. It always reminds me of Johnny Cash's song, The Boy Named Sue.
2. Ollie is very jealous and receives therapy to control his emotional outbursts.
3. I am covering Ollie's ears for this one- I love pets of all sorts with the exception of the creepy crawly and cold skinned slimy ones. This means I love dogs and cats and horses.
4. Augustus is very accepting but he foofs a lot, and likes to have his belly rubbed when no one is around!
5. I am a scientist, so I think that makes me geeky, and I try hard not to be but side by side with normal people...I think I am!
6. I once caught a shark while deep sea fishing.
7. I do love french fries and the best I have had was in Holland, really.

Now my selection of lovely bloggers, and there are so many, please go to:
up and down town
French Word-A-Day
La Belette Rouge
The Life and Times of the Plume

Thank you everyone for your visits and we three look forward to reading about you!



  1. That was a fun read. And I want to take your cats. They are SO CUTE. SOOOOO CUTE!!

  2. Thanks Alicia...I hope the black ice is gone. xox

  3. OOH!
    I'm up for the assignment (and Ollie is SO cute...what a chubby tub of love). I agree, the best french fries are in The Netherlands. The part of you that is MOST beautiful, in my opinion, is your mind:)


  4. i am so happy you thought of me. i will put my reply post up this weekend hopefully!
    if you're geeky, i'm goofy. normal is boring, IF it even exists. being perfectly imperfect is much much better.

    "foofs" - :D

  5. Thanks Plume..Ollie is a chubby tub. If you open a fitness camp on your estate he will sign up.

    up town-goofy? I think not. Meanwhile I am taking notes on how to dress from your blog, and not going anywhere!!!

  6. Ah, lovely! I am honored,} and I am going to compile some info on my persona to be profiled... stat...

    Personally, I am more interested in all the other bloggers responses, as I am utterly curious about Nancy, and the others...

    What a treat.

    Ollie and Augustus have been perfectly behaved for this honorary title and celebrated the day with fervor!

    You are witty, talented, and humble, and I am so glad someone awarded you this Creative Blogger award because it was about due time we learned even just a little about you {other than the perceived}... I always knew your were fantastic, thoughtful, deliberate, cautious like a cat... but never ever a did I think you were blessed with a knack at accordion playing, I fell head over heels for the instrument when my aunt played for me when I was 6 or so, and of corse I like Beirut! but I do not play... not that atleast...

    Good job kitties.


  7. Thank you Michaela...were you laughing the whole time? Or did you feel sorry for me too? I still remember the little Russian red accordion that was special ordered through some relatives who lived in Russia. I don't understand how I got selected to be the one to learn it... Look forward to your post : )


  8. i cannot believe you caught a shark (insanity)! and who wants to be normal:) thanks for including me!
    done and done!

  9. What a lovely list! There's absolutely nothing wrong with being geeky, I wear my geekiness proudly and feel kinship with those who are geeky too~

    Your kits are adorable! I'm with you on cats, dogs and horses. I love all three, with cats and horses being the ones I'm around most frequently.

    A lovely blog!

  10. ...OH you & the cat boys are even more...BEAUTIFUL... now than ever...thank you for the award invite...i'll TRY...oh i will try...but as Andrea knows...i haven't completed her invite back in 2009...sheesh...well let's see what comes up in the next few days...

  11. total kitty kudos to you and the boys, I love the looks those guys give you , I am buried in kitties inside as it has been 4 and 6 degrees in the morning and the cats would freeze to the porch if they went out too much, so we all have cabin fever, congrats on the award xx

  12. Great list, Mona! Thanks for participating and have a great weekend!