Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our basket cat thinks about the world...

A certain little kitty, August, gets sleepy

when it rains for what it seems to be hours on end in a kitty's world.

Later in the same still rainy day August becomes a basket cat and ponders over the state of the world.

He has some concerns but will not share.

A brief and much needed respite from the down pour gets the cat boys out..."Who spilled all this water?" they ask.

August want to chat with me,

and Ollie, well, Ollie is being my little lovely Ollie!

Pondering over a planet at odds with itself, we read the following passage,

"...Although outwardly cataclysms are hard to understand and to endure, yet there lies a great wisdom behind them which appears later. All the visible material events are inter-related with invisible spiritual forces. The infinite phenomena of creation are as interdependent as the links of a chain.
When certain links become rusty, they are broken by unseen forces, to be replaced by newer and better ones. There are certain colossal events which transpire in the world of humanity which are required by the nature of the times. For example, the requirements of winter are cold, snow, hail and rain – but the birds and animals who live for six months, enjoying a short span of life, not realizing the wisdom of winter, chide and make lament and are discontent, saying, “Why this awful frost? Why this hail and storm? Why not the balmy weather? Why not the eternal springtime? Why this injustice on the part of the creator? Why this suffering? What have we done to be meted out with this catastrophe?”
However, those souls who have lived many years and have acquired much experience and have weathered many severe winters realize that in order to enjoy the coming spring they must pass through the cold of winter."
(Divine Philosophy)

and we said prayers for our fellow Haitians!

Cat boys stretched their arms out to blow little kisses to everyone and wished each and every person a lovely Wednesday...



  1. Ah! I think I just caught an airborne kiss or two. Thank you, cat boys :)

  2. Those kisses are named and one or two of them had your name on it. : )

  3. I ponder calamity a lot, well not overly alot , but I suppose how fragile we are, as a scientist you can appreciate how thin the air layer is that covers the crust that we live upon, ( I am a closet scientist too, chem major) and particularly when folks say Mars had an atmosphere, once. It's the once that bothers me and whence did it go? Rainy nite , will be more cheery tomorrow. kitty kisses to the boys.

  4. I love that quote.
    I often wish Humans had a longer life span. I think (perhaps) we'd be careful with our Earth because we'd have to deal with the damages more...
    I was thinking of naming my first born August (if there is a first born...) So I'll tell them I named them after a cat on a blog! :) But then what better to be named after than a perfect cat?
    Thanks for your comments! I agree with the pricing...I don't know the quality, I've never been in a Anthro store but the looks are actually pretty simple if you know a sewing machine...I'll share the results as they come about.
    Have a Wonderful Day! Your Purr-fect boys too...

  5. Goodmorning Mountain Gal- that is right, change is inevitable, looking at the world out of our tiny closet it is hard to imagine that anything changes. You have the perfect major, you know how those electrons and neutrons are jumping about ALL THE TIME!

    Andrea- August would be a perfect name for your first born, named after one of the divine attributes, and multicultural. My french friends call him Auguste and love his name, my german friends always say what a perfect german name, my italian friends think of the cesar, and ....so on! Going into an Anthro store is a lot of fun but I examine too much quality vs price and am always shocked. Good for you that you can sew, you can make anything then (now I am jealous)! Look forward to seeing your creations! (ps- I love that quote too)

  6. It looks cozy in that basket! Have a great weekend. xo

  7. This reading brings me so much peace today: you are such a joy :)

  8. We've been caught in downpours, too, over the past week, as well as thoughts about catastrophe and cataclysm. There is much to think about there.