Tuesday, February 15, 2011

away from the hurried and grinding

One day last week when we were in our modest backyard I told Ollie about this hurried life...

He said that he understood!
Augustus, well Augustus was hearing things...his super special cat ears were at work.
Yup, I think he heard an ant or a bug, he hunted it and beat it around a few times.
Then he relaxed. I think he was telling me that there was no reason to get caught into an uncontrollable stream, he was telling me to listen carefully, hunt and roll in the dirt.
Ollie found this behavior somewhat strange and thought he'd better check the rolling site out for himself,
and so he went to sniff for himself (independent investigation of facts by Mr Puffy Pants).
When I saw him coming towards me
I knew that I was in for some kisses.

So, there we have it, one kittie tells me to relax and take it easy, and the other gives me kisses...I believe that I am in a very good place!

Cat boys reflected on this

"To listen another's soul into a condition of disclosure and discovery may be almost the greatest service that any human being ever performs for another."
- Douglas V. Steere, Quaker Spirituality

and then filled their love paws with love kisses, which they blew in the air for YOU! Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. I feel like this post is a Valentine. All those Mr. Puffy Pant photos made my heart pitter patter.

  2. Ollie sends you special Valentine's day kisses...he was on my case for not doing this earlier! xoxo

  3. oh my: what a grand quote!

    your boys are the wisest indeed: listen to them always. they will not steer you wrongly.


  4. This post makes me want to hunt and roll in the dirt.

    Your Mr. Puffy Pants is such a sweet one. And a careful researcher, apparently.

    Our kitties send kisses! xoxo

  5. Oh, Ollie is the best. My favorite blogs: )!

  6. marie, susan and mette, lovely to see you...hugs and kisses from the boys! : )

  7. They are very wise cats, those boys of yours....xv