Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taking you on a very short dawn excursion...

Augustus on the patio wall has just finished his breakfast, served to him al fresco...
Ollie senses Augustus' looks on his back! Did he miss out?
I get out and walk down the street with my followers.
I take a snap shot of these spiky balls, which never fail to please my eyes.
Augustus and Ollie practice feline drama, here we have Augustus in his hunt pose.
And here is Ollie in his 'I am ready to sprint pose'.
Ollie walks rapidly down the street. I asked him where he thought he was heading to.
He told me that he was going to the Tabernacle of Unity.
This suddenly reminded me of a reading that I had heard last night and so we quickly reviewed it together.

"Say: O children of dust! He Who is the Spirit of Purity saith: In this glorious Day whatsoever can purge you from defilement and ensure your peace and tranquillity, that indeed is the straight Path, the Path that leadeth unto Me. To be purged from defilement is to be cleansed of that which is injurious to man and detracteth from his high station—among which is to take undue pleasure in one’s own words and deeds, notwithstanding their unworthiness. True peace and tranquillity will only be realized when every soul will have become the well-wisher of all mankind. He Who is the All-Knowing beareth Me witness: were the peoples of the world to grasp the true significance of the words of God, they would never be deprived of their portion of the ocean of His bounty. In the firmament of truth there hath never been, nor will there ever be, a brighter star than this....O children of dust! Turn your faces from the darkness of estrangement to the effulgent light of the daystar of unity. This is that which above all else will benefit the peoples of the earth." (Tabernacle of Unity)

We regrouped further down and I served treats.
We ran here and there for a bit longer, then walked back to our condo, a few chases here and there, back to the humble backyard, and I caught Augustus admiring the palm tree.

O yes, o yes, this is a favorite of mine too, love the leaves.
"I have to go to work dudes", I said. It was 6:30 and so I ran to prepare but on my way I had to take yet another snap shot of this tree that I find to be very beautiful. Here it is this morning.
The cat dudes filled their lovely paws with special kisses that they made for your today and tonight and maybe even the rest of the week. They blew them in the air and waved their paws.

Happy Thursday everyone...



  1. Dear A and O, I've been away from blogland for awhile and have missed seeing your sweet little kitty faces. So happy to see that you've been well. xoxo :)

  2. It is always a pleasure catching up on your followers.

    Treat time is very special time. Our kitties love treat time.

    The trees are beautiful!


  3. BE CAREFUL! That one of those balls might fall into thine eyes...
    ;) Thus blinding thee...

    Your photos are lovely Mona...The split moon and the palm, something I've never seen together...

    "True peace and tranquility will only be realized when every soul will have become the well-wisher of all mankind." LOVE. Love. Love this...SO true, it touches me right to the bottom of my heart.

    Love you guys!

  4. Alice- A and O have been enquiring about you..I told them you are juicing and they said, meow? xoxo

    Susan- one of my furry followers really likes treat time and I am told that the problem rests with can I say no to him? this is very difficult for me xoxo

    Andrea- I do watch the spiky things, they look like ammunition.

    That palm is a special favorite because it waves its leaves into the breeze, so out of reach...our landscape is such a mish mash. Thank you for the visit, A and O are so in love with you! xoxo

  5. I am strangely mad for the dingleberry tree shot. It is incredibly graphic and filled with contrast. Beautiful. As always, love the kitty shots!

  6. LBR- I have been wanting to take a photo of the dingleberry tree for ever, and finally, I had a camera handy and the tree still had its dingleberries, uncovered! xo

    Carolina- thank you, that Gus knows how to pose if he chooses to- happy weekend to you!

  7. I love your shot of the dingleberry tree too though dangerous on the ground, One toppled my brother and he needed a cast, skateboarders beware!!

    All lovely pic's oLlIe and AgUStis so obedient and learned.

    Happy weekend Mrs. xo Ro

  8. Ro, Happy Weekend to you as well...looks like we might be getting some weather action. No kidding about the spiky dingleberries, I myself nearly got derailed on one while riding my bike...silly me, I thought I could crush it! Have a good one! xoxo

  9. looks like the boys have been quite busy while i was unable to read your blog....!
    ollie and augustus are more handsome than ever: posing and peering and pondering.
    missed you all.