Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The last weekend witnessed

interesting scenery for the cat boys: a steaming tree, post cold evening rain;

a bold tulip tree, blooming robustly in spite of the extreme temperatures;
a dusting of snow flakes in our very own foothills not even 2 miles away.
In addition, I witnessed a curious cat absorbing the sights and smells with delight, he is the one and only Augustus!
There was also the Ollie cat in deep contemplation, "what naughtiness can I come up with today" is the thought on his mind.
A nicely divided blue and white sky as we all looked up at the sky.
Two dudes starting their exploration is my favorite scene, no doubt.
Ollie wants to know what is on the agenda besides tuna, tales and toys.
Augustus thinks that he'd better take a good look around to ensure our safety!
A meditative Augustus perched himself on a patio wall in the cool morning hours under the warming rays of sun.
Chubby cheeks, aka, Mr Puffy Pants, sniffed flowers.

The collective we only had enough focus to read a brief passage and this was it:

"Know that the order and the perfection of the whole universe require that existence should appear in numberless forms. For existing beings could not be embodied in only one degree, one station, one kind, one species and one class; undoubtedly, the difference of degrees and distinction of forms, and the variety of genus and species, are necessary -- that is to say, the degree of mineral, vegetable, animal substances, and of man, are inevitable; for the world could not be arranged, adorned, organized and perfected with man alone. In the same way, with only animals, only plants or only minerals, this world could not show forth beautiful scenery, exact organization and exquisite adornment. Without doubt it is because of the varieties of degrees, stations, species and classes that existence becomes resplendent with utmost perfection." (Some Answered Questions)

Cat dudes filled their faithful paws with loads of fresh kisses and blew them in the air for you...grab one because you will need it this week.

Ciao everyone!


  1. These photos are especially beautiful (esp. the tree!).

  2. Thank you Hannah...I too love the tulip trees, sort of fascinating that the flowers come out first and then the leaves so we can enjoy the flowers unobstructed! Wishing you a great week! xo

  3. Wonderful photos Mrs. Jeans!

    steaming trees, magnolia blooms, the san gabriels and warm kitties, words from the wise.

    xo Ro

  4. The tulip magnolia is divine!

    You are very handy with the camera.

    Your cat dudes are so precious.

    I'm going to contemplate on "Know that the order and the perfection of the whole universe require that existence should appear in numberless forms" the next time I'm bored at church :-).

    Love, xoxo -Susan

  5. Ro- thank you, we do live in a dry urban landscape but once in a while something pretty sneaks its head out! xoxo

    Susan- you have me laughing, numberless forms in the church!?! xoxo

  6. Really very beautiful pictures, thank you! And Ollie..

  7. Oh my! What beautiful surroundings! I have a fascination for mountains and those look amazing.

    Btw. I had some difficulties understanding that MrsLittleJeans and Snickles and Mona is you! Now I understand by your latest comment on my blog, this is fantastic knowing! :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend,