Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yesterday afternoon...

This is yesterday afternoon. I spent a good bit of time observing and reading signals. They spent a good bit of time being and making signals.
Ollie in ambush but Gussy is no fool!
Here comes mischief in puffy pants.
Tip tip toe...
I call Ollie's name, plot ruined, 'what does she want' he is thinking.
I said, "come over and make some kisses".
Look at him make kissy lips!

Two naughty cat brothers now plotting against me? Perhaps? Yes? No?
Nope. They were ready for reading and reflection.
I did not have much to read yesterday but I gave them some ideas to toss around in their advanced feline heads, some ideas about progress-

how to cultivate an atmosphere that encouraged the individuals "to be methodical but not rigid, creative but not haphazard, decisive but not hasty, careful but not controlling, recognizing that in the final analysis, it is not the technique but unity of thought, consistent action, and dedication to learning which will bring about progress." (UHJ2011)

They promised to think as hard as they could and they made the usual pawfuls of juicy kisses, which they blew in the air for you.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Very wise advice about process and progress.

    I love that very first one of the two of them together on the ledge.

  2. OOooh, those boys!!! Squeezes and kisses your way!


  3. *be ing certainly is a balancing act noted by your reading and emphasized by the boys on top the wall.


  4. Oh those boys look so cute together. They are getting quite good at posing for the camera!

  5. Susan- yes, I keep that in mind xo

    Sunny- many kisses sent with your name on them

    Ro- it is a balancing act, isn't it? I bet you have no problems in that department you do so many things lovingly and gracefully xoxo

    Amanda- they did pose, only on occasions they listen...love to you and Harley!

  6. Your boys are experts " on the catwalk "!
    Your models are more " natural ", than the human ones; )

  7. Good advice...
    These photos are purrr~fect!
    Love to You's.