Thursday, February 17, 2011

Post yesterday's rain

the boys sprinted for the outdoors, each grabbing a wall to conquer.
King Ollie Puffy Pants-

King Augustus the Foofer-

Recent disruptions around the world had them pondering about governance, justice, fairness and the such. So we read and reflected on the following:

"No power on earth can prevail against the armies of justice, and every citadel must fall before them; for men willingly go down under the triumphant strokes of this decisive blade, and desolate places bloom and flourish under the tramplings of this host. There are two mighty banners which, when they cast their shadow across the crown of any king, will cause the influence of his government quickly and easily to penetrate the whole earth, even as if it were the light of the sun: the first of these two banners is wisdom; the second is justice. Against these two most potent forces, the iron hills cannot prevail, and Alexander's wall will break before them. It is clear that life in this fast-fading world is as fleeting and inconstant as the morning wind, and this being so, how fortunate are the great who leave a good name behind them, and the memory of a lifetime spent in the pathway of the good pleasure of God.

It is all one, if it be a throne

Or the bare ground under the open sky,

Where the pure soul lays him

Down to die.[1]"

[1 Sa'di, The Gulistan, On the Conduct of Kings.]

The cat boys felt pretty good about this reading and roamed quite a bit more pretending to be just kings, and that they are. The game had to end pretty quickly though since kings don't know how to fill their paws with love kisses and the boys do, so kisses were made and blown in the air. Wishing everyone a lovely rest of the week.



  1. Ohhh ! I love the passion and fire of this post... good that there was rain coming with those clouds:)

  2. It looks like my comment got swallowed so here goes again.

    I was saying I figured out how to take some camera closeups.

    Also, no power can prevail against people connecting on facebook and twitter for justice :-)

    Your kitties are indeed kings, our kitties bow down before them.

    Have a beautiful weekend. xoxo

  3. little swallow, you are queen of passion and fire, why our kitties love you!

    susan- your kitties are kings in their own kingdom, I are you taking camera closeups? xoxo

  4. The RAIN! a splendid homecoming..xoxo

  5. Ollie has SUCH a beautiful coat. Thanks for the sweet comments, Mona. Have a great weekend! xo

  6. such cute kitties! My harley-farley would love to play with them!

    amanda burdge

  7. Those last two pictures of Augy are incredible. You, dear Mrs., are a fiercely gifted photographer. Happy weekend, gorgeous.xoxo

  8. greetings to king ollie and king augustus.

    you look grand upon your walls....