Monday, January 10, 2011

At their beck and call...

When cat boys ask me to press their collars and bow ties, I don't say "whaaa?", I just do it. At their beck and call we are, happily.
Ollie going out to work. I hope he makes a lot of dineros because he has many expenses.
Augustus dressed up and ready for his pupils.
Afterwards he takes off his collar and stretches, something we all must learn to do.
I noticed that Auguste was reading in French today but suprised I am not. I will post the paragraph in English too as soon as Ollie translates it for me:

"Par les explications que nous avons déjà données, nous avons voulu montrer que la gloire, le bonheur, l'honneur et la paix de l'homme ne consistent pas dans ses richesses personnelles mais plutôt dans la sublimation de son âme, la noblesse de ses intentions, l'étendue de son éducation et dans la solution qu'il adopte devant les problèmes de la vie.
En vérité c'est dans les âmes des hommes que se trouve leur seule gloire."
Baha'u'llah : L'Art divin de vivre

Cat boys made pawfuls of kisses this morning and blew them in the air, I hope some landed on your faces.

A bientot!

PS-in case certain cats need to dress up, the bowties are from whiskerkisses, thank you Rebecca and Twiggy!

"The happiness and greatness, the rank and station, the pleasure and peace, of an individual have never consisted in his personal wealth, but rather in his excellent character, his high resolve, the breadth of his learning, and his ability to solve difficult problems."


  1. I thought the boys were getting ready for our lunch date. Oui?

  2. Moonlighting as Maiter d's at Pierre's... meow...

  3. ...such sophisticated cat boys, n'est pas?!

    HAh...word verif: caties

  4. oh my, les chats have bowties?! genteel! and handsome!


  5. Such handsome gentlemen you have. I just can´t get enough of these cat pictures you present : )

  6. Ladies,
    I see that no translation is necessary! Vous savez que je suis leur esclave...I am so their slave but I am a laughing slave, they crack me up! I heard that Ollie has ordered himself a new tie so he will be posing soon.


  7. oooh so sweet.
    je t'aime, mes amis, peu de chatons bien habillés.

    angelo will be SO jealous!
    i MUST order up a bow tie for my sweet boyfriend cat.

    now i shall work on translating the reading for the day....
    or, maybe ange can translate it for me....


  8. marie, marie, I see Ange provided the translation xoxo