Friday, January 21, 2011

Their sugar-shedding lips...

No two cats are more ready to send kisses on command than Ollie and Augustus
When I said "Ollie, send a kiss for Friday and the weekend", he went like this,
and Augustus tilted his head towards the air and went like this:

Thinking of their little cat lips and sugary kisses I remembered an old favorite:


Hearken to the delightsome words of My honeyed tongue, and quaff the stream of mystic holiness from My sugar-shedding lips. Sow the seeds of My divine wisdom in the pure soil of thy heart, and water them with the water of certitude, that the hyacinths of My knowledge and wisdom may spring up fresh and green in the sacred city of thy heart.

Cat boys send warm hugs and pawfuls of kisses from the bottom of their pure hearts!



  1. wow.
    love the concept: the heart's soil nurturing divine wisdome.

    sweet little kisses from sugar-lip'd cat boys....


  2. i caught their sugary kisses in france!

  3. It sounds nice to kiss some sugar shedding lips.

    On the kitty front here, newly indoor feral boy Gray seems to gaining the upper hand over Brownie. There's been much wrestling, biting, and hissing. Brownie is perturbed, as he was previously the top cat!

  4. kitty kisses caught and some sent back! xxoo

  5. Now I can see who are really fond of smooches...

    marie- sweet little kisses to you and Angel

    susan- once the ferals learn to kiss they may stop hissing, need I call you sigried? xoxo

    dandysandy- those kisses fly long long ways, don't they?

    mamabeaks- we sure thank you for those kisses...have a lovely weekend


  6. My cat Sau sends kisses back! I think she has a soft spot for Ollie...:)

  7. Lily and I can't get enough of their sugar kisses. We also love how you combine depth with light. We have been meaning to tell you that but we got distracted by the cat kisses.
    Happy weekend!

  8. Thanks, those kisses finally made it to Claremont, not much of a breeze today :)

    Have a wonderful weekend all!


  9. What a cute nose Augustus has! My doggy boys are sending their wuffs your way!

  10. Beautiful boys, lovely reading.

    I type with two kitties sleeping peacefully beside me.

    Hope you are having a good Sunday. It's early yet, the rest of the day awaits.

  11. Carolina- I think Ollie would easily make friends with Sau. He spends some of his free time doing home visits to cats who cannot leave home. xo

    LBR- kisses to you two. A complement from you = we are in heavens. Have you worn your gorgeous dress yet, Ollie wants to know.

    Ro- you let us know if one day the kiss doesn't come and I will put the dudes on the train for personal delivery

    Mette- Boys become extra proud when they receive wuffs, and Augustus thanked you for the complement...I adore his little nose..the two have very different features. xo

    Jennifer Jennifer, two cats by your side, our cats adore you. I was up at 5 to go out for our cat walks...and I am dreading as each minute of our Sunday passes...I so love the time home! It is warm here. Soon I will be on the dreaded freeway to pick up Sylvester from LAX. xoxo

  12. Sending kisses right back...

    Hope you had a great weekend Mona!

  13. Oh sugary kisses are the best! Hope you had a great weekend!