Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Spirit of Aloha...

This morning I was awakened way too early by a certain ginger cat who needed my attention; mildly confused, tired and irritated though I was my heart and mind were filled with the Spirit of Aloha. I actually think that I heard Ollie meow Aloha to me but I may have been dreaming too.

So I gathered up the cat boys to read the poem by Kumu Pilahi Paki (1952), a poem which describes the meaning of Aloha. Literally Alo means face to face and Ha means the divine spirit. So when you say Aloha you embrace each other in the shadow of divine spirit, a joyful sharing of life energy, a mutual respect and regard for affection with no expectation for return.

The catboys who are well introduced into the spiritual sciences immediately assumed the Aloha posture waiting for someone to cross their path so they could give them an Aloha hug. Looking one way
and the other searching for someone to hug, no one to find

they had to go find someone,
perhaps hide behind a pot and jump out for a surprise aloha hug!

I said dudes, "maybe you can show your friends how one does an Aloha", and no moments wasted I saw an Aloha kiss.

Ollie who was amused by this game ran indoors to do a sneak aloha attack.

Here's what we read....

Akahai E Na Hawai`i
Kindness, express it with a feeling of tenderness.

Lokahi A Kulike
Unity, express it with a feeling of harmony.

Olu`Olu Ka Manao
Agreeable, express it with a feeling of pleasantness.

Ha`Aha`A Kou Kulana
Humility, express it with a feeling for modesty.

Ahonui A Lankila
Patience, apply it with perseverence.

Cat boys joyfully filled their paws with aloha kisses and blew them in the air for you!



  1. Oh I love the sneak aloha attack! and I love reading about your dudes<3

  2. Aloha are the true spirit of Aloha...

    I am sending you a sneak Aloha attack Carolina!

  3. I didn't know that about Aloha--how wonderful.

    That first image is very beautiful--it looks like a garland of hearts!

  4. Hannah,
    I only learned about it last night..I think that poem is now part of Hawaii State Constitution...

  5. Aloha to you, Mrs Little Jeans! you at the tiki bar! oxox

  6. oh, my.
    what a sweet poem.
    i'm not sure how to pronounce any of the words that are foreign to my mouth, but angelo assures me he can read them to me.
    you know, cats can speak any language. especially silent ones.


  7. kerin- you know all the hot spots, tiki bar : ) xxoo

    nancy- I knew you could aloha in cat language, mew mew

    marie- you are so right, Angelo will mew it for you, the words actually sounds divine, I may have to start blogging in hawaiian


  8. Oh my two boys look happy and healthy for the new year. Aloha and Happy New Year!

  9. Gosh what a beautiful post...
    Aloha to you all...