Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just so you know...

the cat boys do not forget their friends, nor do they stop missing their Sylvester who is far far away. They wanted to send extra special kisses for everyone.

For this reason dudes took me out early this morning and asked me to snap a few shots of them here and there.
I was fascinated by the tree branches, which looked like an abstract painting against the canvas of the early morning sky- actually, I was trying to see what patterns I could come up with but cat boys were impatient.

Augustus on the patio wall, standing tall and practicing yoga poses to prepare for his reading.

Ollie was preparing for the reflection time by sniffing grass and gazing in the near field.

We read:

"The journeys in the path of Love have been counted as four: From the creatures to the True One. From the True One to the creatures. From the creatures to the creatures. From the True to the True One.

Consider how you are the first in relation to your son, and the last in relation to your father; how, outwardly, you bear evidence of the inward mysteries which, as a divine gift, are deposited within you. Consequently, being the first, the last, the manifest, the hidden, becomes true of you in the sense (of the four classes of worlds), so that in these four grades bestowed upon you, you may comprehend the grades of the Divine, and that the nightingale of the heart may call out on all the branches of the rose garden of Existence, both invisible an visible, in this melody: "Verily, He is the First and the Last, the Manifest and the Hidden!"

These sayings are mentioned in connection with the grades of the "worlds of relation"; otherwise, these men who have with one step traverse the worlds of relation and dependence, have taken their seat on the blissful carpet of abstraction, and pitched their tents in the world of independence and command, have consumed all these relations with a single flame, and obliterated all these words with a mere moisture. They swim in the sea of spirit, and roam in the sacred atmosphere of light. How then can words have any identity in this stage, so that any grades of the "First" or the "Last," or any other besides these, be distinguished? In this stage the "First" is identical with the "Last," and the "Last is the same as the "First.""
(Seven Valleys and Four Valleys)

Refreshed and content, the cat boys filled their paws with juicy cat kisses and blew them in the air with best wishes for your new week.

Hasta Pronto chicas and chicos!


  1. Your choices {readings} make me want to sit and share my tea...I want to hear what you and the boys think...

    Air kisses it is today. I have a wee sniffle! Wouldn't want Ollie sneezing.


  2. We would love to do tea with you, boys take tuna flavored tea, i will take whatever you brew!

    Air kisses it is then...consider yourself kitty-kissed! He once got sniffles from the vet office and it was too cute seeing the two of them walk around and do little kitty sneezes.


  3. sylvester sends many kisses from spain for the boys and mrs littlejeans. love you three and see you at the end of the week.

  4. I wish I could be there with the boys while you read...
    sigh :)


  5. Tell Ollie that sniffing grass is a gateway drug. Tell him to be careful. A feline mind is a terrible thing to waste.;-)

  6. There is also the journey from the creatures to the humans. That's a very important journey.

    I loved the picture of Gussie peeking in the previous post and I love the one of Ollie sniffing grass in this one.

    As always, our kitties send kisses to yours xoxo

  7. this reading is just too much for my mind to absorb...so I shall just absorb the kitty kisses!

  8. LBR- why don't you tell Ollie? He does not listen to me. xx

    Susan- in my opinion that journey from the creatures is the most important of all.

    Sunny- you would certainly brighten our day if you had tea with us

    kerin- none of us really understand and all of us really go for kisses : )

  9. yoga kitty.
    grass cat.

    good to visit you.